New Seatpost?

I just bought a new cromo seatpost from, as my last one broke at last. They are pretty damn good, don’t get me wrong… But I have been waiting for the news of a new model seatpost, however to my surprise there has been no information on these forums about any new products recently.

This thread may seem pointless, but there must be somebody in the know who can confirm whether there is a new product shipping soon? And they can fill us in with some details, as I am unsure whether I will be able to get myself a new seatpost before unicon (else I will keep my cromo post till it is shipped)

Usually before a product hits the unicycle shops it is announced on here a few days/weeks before, and as there is a new shipment of unicycle parts due here sometime around june/july I would expect at least a whisper.
Or maybe my “speculation” of a new arrival to the market is a little sudden…

Rumour has it KH is bringing out a new post in the next month or so.

I’ve heard that it will be more like this.

That post was from 2005, so i’m surprised that nobody has made an adaptor like that yet.
I have seen a photo of the seatpost I’m wanting to buy, but no further information other than that it’s due for sale SOON,

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the UDC nz shipment will make it before i leave to unicon

I could benefit from a stronger post too…

What seatpost is that?