New rider and member

What’s your name? Terry

Where do you come from? Indiana

What is your experience of unicycling? Just started a month or so ago. Starting to feel like I’m getting the hang of it. Have made a few free mounts this week pretty excited about that.


Howdy, Terry - welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

From one noob to another… welcome!

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What unicycle(s) do you have? Are you getting the hang of it?

I bought a used 20” sun. I would like to get a muni and start riding mtb trails when I get better.

Don’t wait “till you get better”. When you can ride, turn and freemount, then get a muni asap.

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I’ve been looking not sure what to get yet. Won’t be doing any crazy trails. Been looking at mad4one site seem to be a good selection at decent prices.

Good on you. Took me a while too.

One idea, a 24” muni and a 27.5” muni. 24” for more technical rides and when you might be unsure, and 27.5 for more free flowing trail rides. Also good for on road :slight_smile:

Or, skip the 24 and get a 19” trials uni plus the 27.5.
19” trials is great for learning skills.

Two new unis at the same time - or anything closer than at least a year? For some of us, doing that isn’t the most feasible…

Can look on the secondhand market, but secondhand decent munis pretty much never pop up locally. People who own them, love them. Rather than waiting, I’d buy it new.

You can sometimes get other decent secondhand unis, it’s not that common though. But YMMV depending on location.

Probably won’t be buying two, one 27.5 would probably be perfect for my trails.

Yeah, yeah. You say that now :wink:

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I know what you mean I have three mtb and had two road bikes.

I’ve just done the math – I’ve bought 4 unicycles so far (and given one away) and I’ve spent less on them in total than on my road bike. I’d love to get a couple more unis (say a 29" road and a 24" Muni) but I’m low on garage space and domestic political capital.

Yep, because the unis all fill a different function and are better suited to different circumstances, that’s why so many unis are needed by one person…

Any unicyclist will tell you: the ideal number of unis is N+1


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