NEW-Rare-Large 24" MUNI Tires for Sale

These are all brand new, never mounted, in perfect condition. $50ea. shipped in the USA.

24 x 3.0 Intense DH Comp 60
24 x 3.0 Nokian Gazzaloddi (not pictured)
24 x 2.6 Nokian Gazzaloddi JR
24" Intense Downhill Tube (not pictured) $25

Hi. I’m interested in the 24x3.0 Gazz if it’s still available.


If enigma (Keith) doesn’t grab the 24 x 3.0 Nokian Gazzaloddi I’d be interested.

Nice tires, that Intense DH 3" is super rare and probably the best tire in the bunch! I’d jump on that one, but I only have 26-29 muni these days.

You don’t by chance have an Intense DH 26 x 3"?

I have a bunch of the Intense DH 26 x 2.5, great tire, though more light muni/XC than full on DH.

Let me know if you have the tire I want :slight_smile:

Sorry Ben, no 26" tires. Running my last 26 x 3.0 Gazz at the moment.

3.0 Gazz SOLD to enigma.


Want to Buy 24" X 3.00 Intense Tire

Do you have the 24 X 3.0 Intense DH Comp 60 still available? I need a tire!


The Intense & Gazz Jr are still available. Thanks for the bump, PM me.

Intense Tires

How do we go about buying the Intense 24 X 3.0 tire?

Please email me at



Intense tire sold to Intense. :slight_smile:

Gazz Jr. is still available. Gazz goodness on a diet.