New Project for Adam Coast Choppers

My time spent with the Urban Orange has been plentiful. I’ve logged tons of miles and great rides on it. However, the time has come when I must move on. The plans are still on the table for the finished project, but I gurantee you won’t be dissapointed. Here’s how it all starts…

ha ha ha

I think its so funny that every time Showard made a thread about his frames you always tried to cheeze your way into asking for a freebee,the jokes on you dude!

your the new owner of the ugliest frame in this whole glad you finally got somthing because it will be a joy to not have you beggin for parts every time a thread from him starts.

I dont know, with a fireball, profiles and the proper finish It could look pretty sweet…

Hey, in my opinion, it already looks sweet. There is nothing cooler than a well-made custom ride with a unique design…

Good luck building it up, Adam.

Have to say, I do think it has a certain charm about it.
Plus there’s the added coolness of the uniqueness of it.

Definately…I reckon it looks great.

Everything is on the drawing board right now. I have a few ideas at where I want to go with this one, but like my mood it’s always changing. I’ve been striking out all over the place with the ladies. Hopefully they’ll feel bad for me since I ride such an ugly unicycle. Worst scenario, they’ll continue to hate me like they do. It’s a win-win situation. I’ll keep you guys updated.