New products

Hi all,

We at in the UK have a few new products that people might be
interested in…

We have basically given our whole range a make over.

All our unicycles now come with knurled seatpost to prevent twist. All nuts
on the seats and bearing housing are Ni-locks (shakeproof)

Dodgers, although as experienced riders we know that lolly pop bearing
housing are not durable; we have to sell them because of one of the other
big players in the UK do… so please no whinges. Anyway our solution is to
improve them a bit while still keeping the price down. We are fitting them
all with curved washers to distribute the load so hopefully increasing the
life span of the joints. We have also added a 12" to the range - it is so

The Nimbus’s have been up-rated… Velo saddles as standard (like Kris Holme
saddles but with out a handle). Wheels now have all stainless steel spokes,
eyeletted anodised aluminium rims and hookworm tyres(on 20" and 24"). Have
a look:
16" (this is new… look at that tyre!)
(sorry no picture - I forgot to photograph it!)
(more a road machine than before)
These all have a decent aluminium quick release on now.

The Nimbus II have all the things the Nimbus have but more… New bigger
stronger frame, 48 Spoke wheels and Kris Holm saddles :slight_smile:

And… we have a new one better than the Nimbus II we have the Nimbus XXX
(nothing to do with beer!) same spec as Nimbus II but… All black flat
topped frame and… we commissioned some new cranks. Really sexy machined
billet aluminium ones
(actually same frame as the Nimbus II but black)

And… due to demand we have the Nimbus Muni available in both 24" and 26".
A great introduction into muni. I will leave you guess the spec.

And… if you are interested we now have a rather large juggling catalogue
on line as well.



The new Nimbus’s look great, especially the Nimbus XXX. I was thinking about getting a Nimbus II frame, do you sell the black ones separate from the uni?

Hey, what about the Nimbus 2000? lol

(harry potter reflex.)

That’s the name of the 5 foot giraffe.