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I’m guessing posting to the UK is still not possible?

I am proud to present my new TPU range. The tubes were made specifically according to my wishes.

Price: CHF 24.90, Fatty tube CHF 29.90
The prices may change slightly as I still have to wait for all the costs.

20x 2.4- 3.0

24x 2.4- 3.0

26x 2.4- 3.0

27.5x 2.4- 3.0

29x 2.4- 3.0

26x 3.0 - 4.0 * Size 3.0 has not been tested in practice

Since only 10kg shipping prices are stated in the shop, please inquire about the shipping price. Please send questions about shipping costs by email.


The final transport and customs clearance costs have now been taken into account and the published prices are final. Quantity discounts have also been added. For riders who are concerned about the weight of the unicycle, these tubes are a cheap and effective weight tuning option.

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That sounds really nice, if i had the next big Hole in my tube i can try it out.

just remember that these tubes are designed up to size 3.0. I can’t guarantee anything with Duro Crux 3.25. There are no empirical values. But I would be willing to send a test sample for free if someone wants to test it with a crux. But it would have to be someone in Europe so that the shipping costs are not too high. It is quite possible that the tube is not suitable for 3.25" because TPU is less stretchy than butyl