new peddles

I just ordered a torker lx and noticed that it has plastic peddles. Can I just go down to the local bike shop and buy a set of metal peddles? If so what sort of thing am I looking for in a peddle for learning urban/trials riding?

Keep the plastic ones til you get shinguards if you plan on doing anything somewhat difficult. Just make sure you get 9/16 in pedals. It depends on the rider. I have plastic pedals. The ones that came with my LX sucks. I have different ones now.

Yeah man. You can do that. Just buy a pair of Odyssey Jim C’s.

Sealed or loose ball bearing is your call.

You want something that has good grip and is strong. If you wear skate or bmx/mtb designed shoes this helps. If you don’t have shin guards/leg armor invest in some of those. A good brand is 611. They sell the 4X4 leg armor at (or your bike shop might carry this brand). I suggest this because you’ll want pedals with metal traction pins in them.

I beat the crap out of Jim C’s and they last a long time for me. I buy unsealed too. That way I know when I replace them…because by the time they are all bashed up the bearings and housings are shot. And, I buy unsealed because I do pedal grabs now and then. If you do pedal grabs you’re going to want something flat, so you can grab on to object and not lose grip, and not destroy your pedal at the same time. Caged pedals would not be good for this.

Hope that helps.

I have metal peddles on my mountain bike and like the way that they hold my shoes. I was curious if I want that in a uni. My current uni is who knows how old, I bought it at a garage sale, and the peddles are rubber on an odd bracket. This causes my feet to slip the second they are wet (if I step in the grass, mud, ect.)

You can go to your LBS and buy a pair of konas for about 15 dollars, they have lasted for about 6months, and haven’t had any problem with them at all, the pedals are grippy, and strong, and I beat the crap out of them lol.

Also, as trialsuni said, do get 661 shinguards, you can get the knee\shin guard, or you can just get the wraps that will cover your shins only.

Your really gonna want the shinguards, trust me, these pictures dont lie, and they arent even the worse of what I got before I got my 661’s, besides, they are cheap, excellent protection, and very comfy. I recommend to get a size large, unless your under 5 feet, but I doubt you are.

Oh, if you dont ride your bike that much, you can take those pedals and put them on your uni, well, in most cases you can. Also, if the pins are too grippy on the pedals you choose to buy, you can remove some to keep grip, but keep it easy to move your foot around on, or smooth the pins out with a file.

Cut 2.jpg

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Im going to second the motion for the Jim C’s. I love mine. Very grippy and you can customize your pins on each side. But if your on a budget, the ones Jerrick suggested, Kona Jackshits, they are also a great grippy pedal.


Well Wasnt that the most productive post ever.^^

Thanks for the advice. As for using my MTB pedals they are bit to aggressive for a uni. I will use the stock ones for a while and see what I think from there. It does look like shin gards are a must.