New Pedals Loosing Pins!

I got some new platform pinned pedals for free. So I can’t complain. But, all the pins started to fall out when I did pedal/crank grabs! I think it was a problem with the way the paint coat was put on, because the threads weren’t messed up when the pin fell off, but there were some black stripes that covered the threads that were loose. They came with extra pins. After ripping open the bag only to have the pins fly all over the place, then picking them up, I had an idea. Loctite. So, I put them on with loctite (medium strength) and I’m hoping for the best. These pedals have no name on them but they are from Lambert Cycles (Quebec, Canada).

Yes, Loctite. The low strength Loctite threadlocker is strong enough, but medium should be fine just more difficult or possibly impossible to remove later. And make sure you get the pins screwed in tight before the Loctite cures.

if this doesn’t work, I think ill put some 2 part epoxy on. then there is no way it will come out

A couple of pins fell out of my pedals and pretty much striped the pedal as they did, I put some super glue in as I put em back in and they are good as new.

pedal grabbing (esp. onto concrete, stone or metal) can put excessive stress on the pins. keep in mind most pinned pedals are designed to keep your foot in place, not to survive repetitive bashing, mashing and grinding against hard surfaces.

also keep in mind that adhesives such as loctite and epoxy only work to hold two surfaces together. if the body of the pedal is slim (in comparison to the amount of pin that sticks out of the body), or if the threading on the pin or pedal is damaged you may be fighting a losing battle.

perhaps a better solution to your problem would be to find some machine screws that are shorter than your existing pins and use those in your pedal instead…

I went for a ride, and the loctited pins held up, except for one, which Im blaming on me (probably not enough loctite). Most of the other ones fell out, so it obiously works.

One ride isn’t enough to tell you how well your solution will hold up.