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What does everyone think of these pedals? for muni and a little trials. They seem to have a nice big platform, and being bulletproof glass, should take some abuse. The spindle doesnt even need bearings, so no need to replace them. Mine will be arriving next week, so i will give an update then, on how they perform.

I dont like em too much. As i’v discovered there are disadvantages to having light pedals. for example, my atomlab trailkings have soft aluminum bodies, so they get scachted and such fast, and the spindle isnt anything to write home about. the grip is good though, and I would expect that the Balistics are going to be about the same thing. the Balistics spindle looks a little thinner than my trailkings…

Edit: They are not exactly new either, I saw a pair at unicon last summer.

I like the idea and look of them but not the price, I can get 5 pairs of the ones I have now (which I like) for the price of one pair of those. If you’ve got the money to spare it’s OK but I would rather put it towards a good crank/hub/wheel combo.


David Maxfield (goes by the name beelzebub of balance on the forum) has the AtomLab Ballistic pedals on his muni. They do look good. I don’t know how they have been working for him.

Personally, I’d rather have the AtomLab Aircorps.

My main complaint with the design of the Ballistic pedals is that they don’t have the offset parallelogram design like the Aircorps. The offset parallelogram design allows the pedal to flip itself right side up as you step on them. The blocky design of the Ballistic pedals won’t flip themselves right side up as well. If you end up stepping on the side of the pedal they won’t flip over at all.

For muni it’s very nice to have a pedal that flips itself right side up. It makes mounting much easier (no need to bend down and manually flip a pedal so it is in the right position to mount) and in muni you tend to do a lot of mounting and dismounting. The ability to do quick remounts and get your feet square on the pedals is key.

I have not ever tried the Ballistic pedals so I can’t comment on their durability or how well their bearingless design works.