New Onza

It looks so amazing! I want one! I wasn’t sure if I wanted to get a trials uni, but now I know I do!

Only question is, how strong is it? And I like the 5.5kg weight…

Anybody try it yet?

why does the rim have extra holes?

looks nice i wuldnt ride it with that saddle though i would have to get a new one.

USA!!! USA!!! USA!!! USA!!! :wink:

You serious? It’s a drilled rim…Koxx-One, Kris Holm…they all use drilled rims to save weight without (greatly) compromising strength.

That tire clearance is hiddeous…it’s up there with the DX. I can understand wanting more than 1 mm of clearance…but more than 10 mm is bad, and it adds weight.

Dont be so picky, the clearence is fine, youll still be able to WW, standup WW, and all those flatland tricks, so I see no problem with it.

The hub, from I have been hearing, are made all basically the same, Onza, Qu-Ax, KH, Nimbus, are all basically the same strength. The Cranks, are up there with KH Moments.

Maintain the rim and it will hold up fine.

Seems like a sweet uni, and it looks nice. Get it, Ivan!!! :slight_smile:

Yeah, baby, yeah

the looking is not the best … but the weight :roll_eyes: image how light it would be with a kh frame

The frame is absolutely terrible, not only is the clearance disgustingly large but the tops of the crown have plastic caps which get dented in and expose the inside of your leg to a sharp metal edge. I’ve talked to someone whos needed stitches because of one before.

Brian is indeed very correct. Onza frames honestly speaking,


The crown is so damn wide that any at-least mildly good riders would notice how much it rubs and smacks against their legs during aggressive hops. The plastic caps are not a good idea either… because as Brian said, the top of the legs can dent and bend easily as there is no ‘ceiling’ for the legs like all other frames have.

Other than that, the colours are horrid. Too British, a tad cheesy, looks like something you’d buy at a stall in central London. But performance wise (looking past aesthetics), the hub and cranks are awesome, I much prefer the feel of Tensiles over KH moment cranks for starters.

So yeah, shit frame, everything else is fine really. The cranks are the highlight of the set-up.

(sorry, the negativity stems from my current serious ankle injury :o )

are those tensiles the same as the bike ones? Meaning, do they have the little part where you put the bashguard on? or am I thinking of different cranks?

Haha that seat is hideous.

You’re hideous.

Actually, I might gonna have to change it if I want to live through my BSc at Edinburgh University.

And I’d probably change the frame to KH as well… Bugger it, I’ll just stick to my 24" for now.

…but will it run on linux?

You could try it if you want. But i doubt it will work.

Go for the KH.

I have an Onza 24" and I don’t liekthe frame design. As a matter of fact I don’t like most of the current unicycle frame designs. The pipes up at top of the crown suck and you always bang the insides of your knees. The only superior frame that take this into consideration is the KH. There is a reason why the KH is the most sold serious unicycle.


Well that and the generic brand Torker. :smiley:

It’s been fine so far. And I’m not gonna buy any trials uni right now.

I’ll just save the money and go travelling with my trusty 24" and guitar.

penguins ride uni’s fine. At least debian’s version of the penguin seems to be very stable on my uni :stuck_out_tongue:

you could go with the MDC edition qu-ax trials, its cheaper and, from what ive heard, a tank
This is it its also got an isis hub and cranks now!

Frame Design

The Torker Frame is not bad. It is much better design than the Onza, Koxx and Quax. From a knee banging piont of view. The XTP design is great but you don’t have any place to rest your feet on the crown. The KH actually curves in a little righ at the crown and that is great! It is the simplest most ergonomic crown design.