New Nimbus II for Sale-Chicago

I just bought the red Nimbus II 20" from I put it together, but never rode it. Still have the box it was shipped in. Am selling because I will moving to Edinburgh for my job for six months and need to get rid of everything except essentials. I’ll be leaving in two weeks, so I need to sell this asap.

Looks exactly like the pic, except has an all black saddle. For more information on the Nimbus–

You can pick up locally in Chicago or I can ship it anywhere in the US. Asking for $190 with free shipping. Please pm me. Thanks for looking!


Price Drop!

Bump! Price drop down to $165 including shipping.

What size/type (i.e. Qu Ax, Nimbus) cranks?

Sent you a PM

Would you be willing to trade? Check out the muni in my sig, interested?

pm sent.

No trades since I’m leaving the country and trying to sell everything that isn’t a necessity.


Uni’s been sold!