New Nimbus 'Flat' Saddle

Haven’t seen any discussion of this on the forums, and search didn’t find it, so. . .

This saddle looks promising to me. I like the vinyl covers better than the fabric on current KH seats.

Thoughts? Reviews from whoever gets their hands on one?

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It’s a KH base, so I wonder if it also has the foam pad from the KH “narrow” seat.

I also prefer the full vinyl seat covers, didn’t realize how much easier they are to ride until I got an old one and started using it; it’d been a couple years since I rode anything but the KH cloth.

I’d like to sea a narrower seat base, but it seems like the current KH seat base design close to tobe ing as narrow as it’ll go…

There’s a big Nimbus shipment coming in April :smiley:

Haha Jason I love you, you give a good review, but at the end of the day… its just another plastic saddle :P. And the shoelace look is sick, everyone loves it and you know it :P. Pointing out there isn’t any laces is a good non bias thing to put in a review but I definitely wouldn’t see it as a good thing, its the same mistake that K1 has just made with their new range of saddles, sadly… When will people learn… Only reason to buy a plastic seat at all, is to use all the parts from it, for a CF base xD.

And yeah whats up, is it KH or Nimbus? What kind of relationship do they have?

Does look like a really nice seat though from Nimbus (even though its mostly KH) :). If I had to choose between a KH seat and this, I might pick this, after all it’d be just as strong and it looks like 100x cooler, only draw back is it’ll be tricky to reuse the cover for a CF. Even though I’ve hated every Nimbus component I’ve had the misfourtune of having to use. (All people in NZ that get K1 or Impact have to ship from overseas).

It looks good to me. The KH seatbase is a lot stronger than the old velo base, so it should hold up pretty well. The design is also cool. It’s nice to see Nimbus come out with a thin saddle.

Really looks like a direct competitor to the impact Naomi. Does anyone know how it will compare price wise, strength wise?

For some time, the Nimbus saddles have used the KH base and handles. My understanding is that the relationship is contractual.

It looks more like a long distance road saddle than a Street/Flat/Trials saddle to me :slight_smile:

No, totally new foam pad, different material to the KH and different shape. The cover is also a differnt style to any saddle on the market at the moment.


Looks pretty good! Definitely a step in the right direction. Does anyone have a picture of it from the side? It’s hard to tell how thin it actually is.

Really, why isn’t anyone making a seat that comes with CF?! Everyone uses them, but no one makes the whole thing. If someone put together a thin seat with a CF base they’d sell so many…

A little more information about the new saddle.

The foam profile and depth is closer to Impact than the KH. Not the same as either.

The saddle is 50g lighter than the Nimbus Gel saddle.

The cost will be in the same region as the Nimbus Gel saddle making it aproximately 2/3 the price of the Impact and Koxx saddles…

CF base.
Yes we have considered this and also costed it several years ago; at the cost it would need to be, I am not sure that there would be a massive demand for it. I will re-look at this again for you though. Certainly, the CF base has become a must if you are using the older KH bases as fitted to older KH, Nimbus, Impact or Koxx saddles if you are going to land hard on the saddle. It is slightly different issue with the new KH base, it is considerably stronger and they are not failing rapidly.

Roger, thanks for helping develop new products! I anticipate buying at least one of these saddles to try it out, and even if it’s not for me, at least I will have helped fund development of our uni-tech (besides, I suspect my kids will be totally into the graphics). :slight_smile:

Not sure what this saddle is trying to be. From the sounds of it- its just like the gel but with a face-lift so that people think that it is somehow better. Just another plastic based, curved saddle to join the ranks of existing ones.

I’m sure it will do fine as a stock component on the nimbus line of trials/street unicycles for most riders- But people looking for a great seat for their style of riding will make their own/ look elsewhere.

Now that nimbus is branding their seats as style specific, I wonder if they will have anything new for the Muni/distance riding crowd?


After riding with this saddle for a couple of weeks now, I can safely say, I wouldn’t change it for any other plastic based saddle on the market. Some of you may think there is no difference and to be honest, when making a saddle, it’s pointless to try and reinvent the wheel, it’s best to go with what is tried and tested. For me, it’s as good as the K1 or Impact at a cheaper price, what’s not to love?


PS Chris, shoelaces definitely suck bro :stuck_out_tongue:

Come at me bro! :angry:

I agree with the Duck in thinking this may be a good distance saddle. After reading some of his other posts I switched to the KH street saddle. I prefer the Street over the Freeride because it’s thinner and for the vinyl cover, even for muni. This new saddle takes those two factors even further, so it sure looks like it’s own new thing to me.

I’m excited about this because Ken Looi has been raving about the Impact saddle for distance, but I use the KH handlebar so I need the new seat base. Definitely giving this a go for long distance riding.

+1 – forgot to mention that’s why I haven’t tried the Impact saddles.

I might replace the Nimbus Gel saddle on my 36" Impulse with one of these. I like the KH Slim on my geared 36er. The cut out ridge down the middle eases perineum pain. I’m in it for the distance comfort. Both have a Shadow Handlebar so I won’t be breaking it and I don’t need a reinforcement plate under either saddle. I’ll wait and see what the other distance riders think. I was just about to pull the trigger on another Slim. I really like that saddle but I don’t particularly hate the Nimbus Gel.

Do we have to wait until April to get pictures?

The photos are at the start of this post.

There are also a few others on facebook if you check out Jasons page.