New Nimbus Fat Frame (?)

So I’ve been hearing off and on that UDC is phasing out the Oregon frame and there’s speculation it’s going to be replaced with something new.

Does anyone have any concrete information on this (Roger? :D).

A fat Oracle would be pretty okay…

It’s a Lie! The Oregon is the coolest frame ever! :stuck_out_tongue:

cough cough Hunter cough

When I asked about Oregon frame availability, I was told that the new stock will be arriving around April 2016 to the UK.
I am counting down the days.

There was no mention of a redesign or upgrade.

I spoke with Josh regarding the new Oregon a few months ago and he said that it was going to be an aluminum frame with similar dimensions to the steel frame (I.e. Will fit a Bud or Lou). The prototype was due in Oct/Nov and the production version was due out in March/April.

We will drop some hint sometime of what is coming… wow are you guys going to be blow away!


Ahhh Roger you tease!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Me a tease? no, surely not…

I did have a lovely weekend riding it at Keilder forest.

We are discussing having a “come and try” weekend as our next UDC Day in the new year.


I need to call in and pick up an Impulse hub while the 10% sale is still active.
I hope the new frame is green, with 125mm bearing spacing.

Where would the ‘come and try’ session be Roger?

Not sure yet, but somewhere close to here would make sense as we have some great riding in this area.

We have quite a few prototypes in the office that we would bring along to be “tested”.

There is some really exciting changes coming along in April and of course the products have been under test for sometime now. So will need to get them all back to the office from their testers before we can set the date.


Ah right cool :slight_smile:

So, I should probably hold out buying a new uni until then…

Let us know the date of the big test!


We do not have a date yet, but the dates of the events are posted on our blog, calendar and social media.

I normally post on as well. :slight_smile:


Unless the Oregon Ducks change their colors, I highly doubt they’d change the new Oregon…unless it’s not called the Oregon anymore! :frowning:

yes, it will have 125mm bearings, but for the rest of it you will have to wait a little bit.

Although I will say this is going to absolutely blow you away when you see it. It is absolutely amazing!


I just googled Oregon Ducks (and Portland Oregon flag).
Now I understand why the Uni is Green.

The Oregon beavers are orange and black:)

No - I am not going to Google “Oregon Beavers”

That’s the smartest decision you have probably ever made in your entire life. #goducks