new national TV interview. sports tonight

hey hey

i was on TV again. this time was a lot more in depth and they didnt confuse the terms. and it has some cool footage from our DVD, OWA

but they did claim i invented extreme unicycling… unforuntaley

i did mention the US and canadian riders in the interview but they obviously didnt want to put that in.

anyways enjoy…

sports tonight interview

Raw! No worky


That was awesome!

The interview was nice, and the drop into the ramp hurt watching it. That’s what people want to see and it made a good video. Job well done!

I hope they give you a new crank and you’re not hurt too badly.:wink:


tomsey, in a nut shell, your a bad ass


it was pretty asome that you made it on t.v. but it sounded like you five guys were the only ones “extreme” unicycling in the world :angry: . like there is kris holm who has his own line of unis :slight_smile: . didnt they ever ask you where you got such beeafed up unis? :thinking:

Daaaaym, you guys are insane!! That’s some sick riding, nice job!


I’ve ridden Halfpipes on skateboards and on inline skates like the one you’ve dropped at the end of your movie. And I consider Halfpipes not made for unicycles. It’s definitely more fun with inline skates, at least for me.

But all in all, man, you can do things :slight_smile:
Awesome crashes, but also awesome riding, you deserve to be in a video like this, because you really rock!

Keep on the good work, but never forget, that you didn’t actually invent it!


Pretty cool,but why did they show so many crashes?

And,did you break hte crank,or bend it,or what?

Great job!:smiley: :sunglasses:

Give him a break guys, he said he mentioned all the other riders in Canada and the US but as you can surely imagine that’s not what “Sports Tonight” would have wanted to hear. Their angle would be that these guys invented the whole sport, and are pioneers of unicycling throughout the whole world…there’s not much Alex could have done to stop them from taking that approach.

Awesome riding, and congratulations on a great interview. You did really well…I hate interviews, I don’t know how you can do them. The only thing I was really disappointed to see was your last comment. I have a feeling that will lead to hundreds of people around the country thinking all of us constantly land on our nuts and somehow don’t mind doing so.

Great interview though, and a great selection of clips.


That’s wicked dude. Good on ya.


yeah, that was very cool!