New MUui Rider?

Hi, my name is Bruce Boysen. A few weeks ago I saw Scott Bridgman riding the
trails on his MUni at the local park (The Tourne in Morris Co, NJ) and was
amazed! I’m a long time mountain biker and thought what Scott was doing was
the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. Anyway, I ordered a Pashley MUni and it
arrived a short while ago. Well, I just tried it for a few minutes and it is
every bit as unstable as it looks. Now I’m even more amazed that some people
can ride these on singletrack in the woods. I’m not discouraged, but riding
it even ten feet seems a long time away. Now I know what the other wheel on
my mountain bike is for!

Re: New MUui Rider?


    Glad to see you received the Pashley. This news group is packed full of
    lots of useful information about all aspects of unicycles. When I got my
    unicycle and sat on it for the first time I thought - "What did I get
    myself into this time." At first it seems impossible to ride but it can
    be done. Hang in there. Many people on the news group are experienced
    unicyclists and are willing to help with start-up questions/problems.
    The information they provide can save time and frustration. Post as
    needed. Feel free to call or e-mail me too. If I can help I'd be glad
    too. Time/patients is required to learn but when you get something
    working (even a little something) it is very rewarding. To me always
    worth the effort. It's been one of the most enjoyable activities I've
    been involved with over the course of my sports travels. Good luck!