new muni

okay im going to buy a new muni my budget is 500 bucks and im 5’2" and 100 pounds any suggestions
ps i want ether a 24 or 26 inch wheel

i would say to get the 2006 torker dx and also get some 661s then you’ll have a little money left iver too. or i think the kh freeride 24 is just under or just over 500.

e-bay has some torker dx’s for cheap. they are new and the 2006 model

I do MUni with a 2005 Torker DX. I like it alot. But given the chance, I would definitely go with the KH 29er. The 29er would roll over obstacles alot easier and faster than the 24 in. :sunglasses:

yeh but the 29" is more of a commuter uni
i am also looking for a 24" my budget hasnt been set but i need to be reasonable and we have a diff currency down under can you suggest anything

Buy a 24".
It’s easier to hop over stuff then a 26".

qu-ax 24" its like 350

Yeah, I just got a Qu-Ax and it’s really solid. Doesn’t feel like anything when I do three foot drops. (Not that three foot drops are horrendous, but you know what I mean.) :slight_smile:

I’m looking fo a muni by Qu-Ax with 24"

Please help me to find a cheap muni by Qu-Ax with 24"!
I need your help. So please help me to find a very good muni!

I’m happy to get some help!
Karl Strebitzer

PS.: I’m from Austria, so i can’t speak English very well!

This store is from Germany, so it’s not that far away. The model in the link is the stronger version with a splined hub and cranks.

The Qu-Ax Cross model is cheaper, but much weaker. You’ll be better off with the model in the link.

I think you should get the Yuni 26" non splined and get the Kris Holms hub and crank set. That would be quite a sick uni. 3" gazz on it that would be awesome. you should def get it lol

i decided to buy the kris holm 24 freeride with break

SWEEEEET! have fun with it


GOOD chose

same, it’s really sick! bent my cranks twice (got a new set after new one) broke my railadapter and seatclamp and my spokes are loose! sick!

and that was normal riding, wonder what would happen if you want try anything crazy on it…

{for Sale} 2005 kh muni buy that

I recently built up a muni, it cost me £300, which is roughly $500. I have a qu-ax 24" frame and its super stiff. Paired with an onza hub/crankset and a halo combat rim, its a beast to say the least!

Ride on!

I say you might even want to save your money and get somehting with profiles…Because in my opinion the warenty is the most sexyest thing on earth :slight_smile: