New Muni Video: UNick

Hi all, it’s no U2, or Defect, or Carter’s Morning Ride, but it’s a vid, and it’s not too bad… Some of the clips were posted earlier this summer, but much is brand new. 50 megs, 16 minutes… as soon as I get the webspace, I’ll post the 125M version :wink: (unless someone wants to give me 2.42 Gigs for the original file ;))


Sweet video, but it must be a pain having to setup your tripod, push record and ride away and then towards it… I understand.

Enjoyed the video, I ended up saving it to my HD so that I can watch it again and again. Nice riding Nick. Too bad I didn’t get a chance to ride with you this past week, I could have picked up some riding tips.

nice vid meen

actually my grandmas better

nice video. those steps looked like they would’ve been sweet to ride down. maybe the next vid could be titled eunuch. jk :wink:

Nice movie, it’s great to see more muni movies being made. I love the look of all those rocks around the 11 minute mark! That shirt looks familiar too (the white one with Roger’s drawing on it).


Thanks for the comments, I’ll try and get the higher rez version up. Andrew, I’m sure you would have loved the rocks by the dam, they’re awesome to ride on :slight_smile: And yeah, that shirt was from your vector conversion of Roger’s design (iron on transfers rock :D)

Catboy, yeah, it sucks hitting record :wink: My bro didn’t give me the remote whn he lent me the camera :wink: I need more friends who ride :wink:

One-on-One: Another time we’ll have to ride. Major tip: Practice, and try stuff. And watch others. I improved overnight watching the guys at the ECMW last year. Hope it happens again this year :smiley:

Maxisbackintown: Thank for the comment :slight_smile: Where’s your grandma ride, I need a buddy :smiley:

Boo Radley: I was tempted, but it had been a long time since I’d done steps, and with sharp pointy rocks on each side… Not to mention a decided lack of insurance :wink:

Thanks again guys!

she died

Hello Nick, I enjoyed every minute of your vid. Nice riding. It was good to see you again. It reminds me to quit whining about the rough trails I’ve found locally, and learn to ride them.