New Muni Video from "Rockit" Tail in Laguna!

Hey y’all! Me and my new Muni-riding buddy, Jim Dugue, who lives in the Orange County (CA) area, had a great three hour Muni ride in the Aliso Woods Wilderness Park area near Laguna Beach, ca. It’s one of TONS of great MTB trails in the area, and it a mecca for serious DH mountain-bikers.

Here’s a quick description of two of the four trails we rode, quoted from Geoladders: “Most probably the quickest way to experience thrills here at Aliso Woods. The climb up Cholla is short but always breaks a sweat. Meanwhile the Rock-It descent is quite technical and consists of rock gardens, windy smooth singletrack and a plethora of ledges and challenging lines for the bold.”

We started on “Cholla”, the proceeded up…waaay up to “Top of the world” (Well, almost) and along the way spotted a 3-foot rattler smack dab in the middle of the trail! From a distance, it appeared to have been run over, but it was simply basking in the sun, stretched out and chillin’. I walked up to it cautiously, and it didn’t budge, as if to say, “you don’t scare me buddy!”. So, taking a cue from “Animal Planet”, and having many years experience with our slithery friends, carefully grabbed it by the tail, and gently “swung” him back into the brush! He was sure “rattling” now, and majorly Pissed off! But better that then getting squished by a MTB.

Most of the bikers were in AWE of us, and we really sensed their appreciation for us tackling their “turf.” We also met Lisa, a mid 20-something beauty who hung out with us for a spell at the near-top of the world summit! She later BLASTED down a long, super-steep section at break neck speed! Hot! We sure hope to meet up with her again soon!

So, here’s the vid, but don’t expect any amazing feats, but we sure had a BLAST though! There are plenty of UPD’s, and just so you all know, Jim has only been riding Muni for 2 weeks! Cheers! :smiley:

Cool vid man. I like trails with lots of rocks and technical areas. Looked like fun.

Yeah, me too, and it had a wide variety of other terrain, from rocky, to super-narrow, fast and winding single track, bordered by a variety of flora, and the views were amazing! The final ride back, after Rockit, was down through Cayote Canyon, with running streams and lots of shade provided by tall trees. Absolutely beautiful conditions!:smiley:

that was really good. it would be sooooo hard for me on my trials though with all those bumbs. looks like you had a great time.


I think you meant "bum(p)s, not “bumbs”, right? Although there might be some “bums” out there from time to time! Kinda doubt it though.


Jim Dugue and I are looking for “Lisa”, so if you (Lisa) read this post, please “PM” me and tell us when you’ll be back at the same trail!:slight_smile:

Nice vid, dude. Looks like a heck of a trail to ride.

Yeah, I can’t wait to go back there asap! The rocky sections were very “moab-like!” There was soooo much more good and better stuff we did, but couldn’t stop to video everything.

In a way, I feel like stopping all the time to take pics & vid takes away from (in my case) the few scant hours I have to enjoy the activity itself. Of course, afterwards, you’re way psyched to have the pics & video, so either way…

I gonna ask my riding buddy if maybe next time he can bring his wife along so she can take pics and shoot the vid! That way we can focus more on riding wih less stopping to set up shots.

If anybody knows of any other fun trails in and around Orange County, let me know! I know there’s a Uni club with 13 members in OC, and I’ll be riding with them next Sunday, so maybe they’ll know. Not sure if they do muni though. I think they also do some uni-basketball. That might be fun!:smiley:


Contact (Pedro)Peter Ha (screen name leadpan) for another riding buddy in OC. He lives in Irvine. I bet he would like to get together with ya’all. Go to the riders listing page on and look for his name. His email is right there.

Also, I loaned out my 20" to a rider Jeff Camillo in Costa Mesa (I think) who may want to get into MUni as well. I don’t know how Jeff is progressing, though. He only started a few weeks ago.



Sounds good Rod. I wonder if he’s in the OC uni club. I think Adam Brody is guy who put the club together, and they have about 13 memebers now. Hey, see you all 6/3/06 for the roundup!

nice video

Muni Video w/music by “Mindmaze”

I re-edited this Muni video we shot last week, but this time I added the “missing” audio track, with background and vocal commentary, PLUS, I changed the music. I found what Ithink is a cool track by “Mindmaze”, called “Poison”. It’s catagorized as “Skatepunk” music. Time-wise, the song fits perfectly to the length of the vid. :smiley:

Another good track by the the group is: “Skapuwinedi”. The link to the page if you want to sample it or DL it for free is: