New Muni Video featuring Rattlesnake Encounter!!!

OMG! This was the absolute COOLEST muni ride EVER! Me and my riding buddy Jim started on “CHOLLA” trail, which is in Aliso Woods above Laguna Beach, CA. We had a 7:30 am start, (too early for these old muscles and bones!) and after a long, steady accent we FINALLY arrived at “Top Of The World”! Probably close to a 1,750 elevation gain.

Lots of serious, hardcore mtb’ers along the way and almost without exception, they were ALL blown away by these two “insane” guys on Unicycles!

Once at the top, after some rock-hopping, we spotted a Red Diamond back Rattler, perfectly happy all coiled up just next to the shuttle entrance! This time, with Jim manning the video cam, (see video!!!) I carefully (well maybe not carefully enough!) proceeded to lure him out with a branch, then dragging him out in the open by his tail, I realized that the branch was too flimsy to lift him up, so I…well, you’ll just have to watch the video…it’s towards the middle section. The whole thing still seems so surreal!

The ride back was DH for the most part, and fairly technical, and STEEP in some sections, so my new Maguras really helped in controlling the DH speed. I’m really lovin’ this place as there are so many different trails spanning for seemingly endless miles, it would easily take a DECADE to ride them all! Next time we’re going to try the “Stair-Stepper” trail; supposedly one of the most technical of them all!

The opening music on the vid was from a cd provided by Jim; it’s by a group called “System of a Downs”, and the song, “Holy Mountains”, seemed wholly fitting and appropriate! It’s pretty hardcore. The music is actually “timed” prefectly for certain actions in the video…purely by chance! In the video, there aren’t any earth-shattering muni-feats, but lots of variety and fun, fun, FUN! At least for us…Hope you N-joy!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

PS: I will upload a higher res version later today.

Thanks! Sorry about the low res quality; I’m currently uploading the full res version now, of which I’ll post a link. It is such a SUPREMELY better viewing experience, but it’s gonna take HOURS to upload since still have dial-up! :astonished:

That snake was only a little guy eh? Great video…I wish we had some Muni trails around where i live…i also witsh i had a muni.

He was about 2.5 feet and the younger rattlers are FAR more potentiall deadly than the adults because when bite, they can’t yet control the venom output, which is usually the full load! And the smaller one’s don’t warn always you of their presence with that all to familiar “rattle” as the older one’s do!

Great vid. Makes me want to MUni.


Im just used to my Canadian friends the Garter snake i guess. But still thats pretty cool…2 weeks 2 snakes…See if you can go three for three next weekend:D

Actually, I saw TWO that first time; the rattler, (which I also handled) and a striped racer, which lived up to its name as it was too fast to catch! that one is non poisonous. I’m hoping to find a King snake on the next ride-they eat rattlers, and are immune to their venom, but are much more elusive making them harder to spot. They also make great pets! They’re docile, easy to feed (they eat thawed out frozen mice, and therefore don’t have to feed them live prey) and don’t get too big. :sunglasses:

man, i wish i knew why i can almost never see the videos people post on here. gah.

anyways, i saw a rattler yesterday…but he was a big guy and i didnt dare mess with it.

nice movie and that snake encounter was awesome

Ok here’s the super-duper HIGH QUALITY version…waaaaaaaaay better viewing experience!!! But it make take a while to DL if you have dial-up, but it’s worth it!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Crocodile Hunter

I enjoyed playing camera man for the chroc hunter. Nice job on the video Terry, pretty soon we’ll have to put out a DVD. I thought your including passer-bys comments was cool. And, thanks for making me try stuff I wouldn’t do otherwise. I’ll keep thanking you til I hurt myself!
Can’t wait to do it again,

Looking forward to next saturday at TOTW, then maybe we can do stair stepper, rockit or lynx! And we may have two more riders joining us!:slight_smile: