new muni opinion

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John Childs wrote:

What about the recent mutterings about new KH24 frames being out of square, and sometimes having different fork lengths on either side?

Klaas Bil

Some of the frames have been out of alignment, but I don’t think anyone has reported that the legs were of different lengths. A frame that is not square can be bent back in to shape. It’s not ideal, but it’s a fixable problem. Hopefully the batch that USA gets in March will not have that problem. A frame with unequal leg lengths would be a serious problem and is not fixable.

My current muni is a KH Pro with Profile cranks. If I was to buy a new muni now it would probably be a new KH 24 with the new crank design without the ankle biting nub. It saves over $600 from the cost of the KH Pro setup. Sure I’d dress it up with a carbon fiber seat, Thomson seatpost, and other things. But the KH setup is plenty of muni for me.

If I did end up with a frame that was out of alignment I’d take it to a bike shop that has frame building tools and get it fixed. If it was still a problem then I’d send it back to

Has anyone posted photos of the new crank design?

  • Frank

Sorry, I don’t have a photo but I’ve seen them and they are sweet. They have a Kris Holms signature, in white, on the pedal-side out. They have the same black finish.