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Hey everybody first post here. I learned how to ride a unicycle when I was a kid. I found my old unicycle in the basement a decided to start riding again. Its a torker lx 20. After getting back into it I decided to go for a bigger/faster ride. I just got a nimbus 26 and I love it. Really strange going from a 20 to a 26 but im slowly getting used to it. I think its the longer cranks. Pretty soon Ill start taking it out on my local trails.
My question is, is there a rule of thumb as to how far the seat should be from the crotch area when I stand up, or do you just do whatever is comfortable?

It’s mostly personal preference but I find that it should be somewhere around your belly button if you’re riding muni.

Go with what is comfortable to start. Generally speaking you’ll have a more comfortable and more efficient pedal stroke if you’re seat is higher, but a high seat also makes it harder to get off the seat enough to absorb the terrain.

I like to ride with a 10-15 degree knee bend at full extension, though sometimes I’ll go with a little more “spacing” when I’m tired or riding an especially difficult downhill.

Unlike a bike, in muni you can’t position your pedals at horizontal as you coast through rough terrain because you must be constantly pedaling, so the compromise is a slightly lower seat and reduced efficiency to prevent getting “kicked off” by the seat.

Get comfortable riding off the seat, balancing yourself using the grab handle, just like you would stand and pedal on a bike.

Welcome and enjoy the ride!

Thanks everybody!

ISTR answering this question very recently :wink:

Also to give room for hopping, esp up stuff SI, I’d keep it high if you’re good at SIF.

For general riding I think whatever height is good for hopping up curbs. Bring a allen wrench to adjust the height down when sessioning a trials spot

It’s definitely a personal thing. I like my knee to be slightly bent when my foot is at the bottom of a rotation. Only you know what is comfortable for yourself though. Listen to your body while you are riding and experiment with different seat heights to find your sweet spot. That was the key for me, adjusting it a bunch of different ways until I found what felt best.
Also, I recommend getting a rail type seat post that allows you to adjust the forward and backward tilt of your seat and also place your saddle further forwards or backwards on the seat post.