New movie

Hey everyone, today i ended up making a movie. This all started because yesterday i learned crankflips so i tried to film one for Kelly Hickman(Juggle508) today and then i realized i couldnt do them anymore. So i tried for a while and everytime i got frustrated i just filmed something else. Slowly i gathered more and more stuff so i just put it together. Here is the link

good movie but i have already heard that song in the anthony hibbing video

oh and the bc uni looks really cool

Nice BCUni.

Ya, I know anthony used that song already but i dont have many choises.
Here is a pic of my BCuni (if it works)
Everything on it came from Darren Bedford except the bearings and stuff i used to put the frame on…and the seatpost clamp.

nice video. Was that one trick off the curb a half crankflip unispin? I couldnt really tell. Some of those crank flip attempts looked like they hurt. Wasnt that one crank flip in the video a full one?

That BCuni was awesome. Are those easier to ride then regular bcs?

hohohoh nice frame dude

dude thats awesome good job men…

man, i can’t beleive people remember my old video.

your video was really good, i wish i could crankflip…and bc wheel…and unispin.

…I wish i could grind a handrail…
That was just a normal unispin off the curb, the cranks werent really straight so it kinda looks like it flipped. And ya thats a full crankflip…the only one that really hurt was when my foot got stuck on the seat.
I think the BCuni is harder than a normal bc because i cant bend down at all, i feel more balanced doing a seat drag than just riding. I havent really worked on anything hard yet but i might soon, it doesnt get ridden much but its using my only 20" frame so thats why the 24" KH is on my trials.

haha… handrails arent all that hard… u just need the guts

Hah, well my rolling hops suck, i can do probably 15" so thats a problem…I only have 2 pallates at home, one day i will get more i can practice. But im really good at 10" rolling hops :sunglasses:

Great riding, nice short credits too. :slight_smile:


The BCuni is cool. Does it use a BMX hub or a unicycle hub?

hahaha yeah 10" is defenatly a big problem haha…but w/e getting ur hop higher aint all that hard it just takes pratice

Dude nice video. LOVED THE FLIPS. Keep working on them. Add another person to the flip list.


Sweet! Good job, i thought it would be months before you got fliping down

Ditto. Keep flippin’!

i hate long credits…

that was good, and is it really harder to ride a BCuni than a regular BC?

i suspect it’d be easier to contro the side-to-side balance… but other than that i dunno…

Well i rode a normal bc alot longer than i have the BCuni so that might have something to do with it. Also, on a normal bc sometimes i crouch down so i stay balanced but on a bcuni that doesnt work and that also explains why i cant ride the bcuni with the seat up high.

Its a BMX hub, it was a normal trials bc then i added some stuff to the axle and put on the frame.

That make sense. I couldn’t figure out how it would work with a unicycle hub.

Slip some bearings on the hub along with some shims or bushings so the bearings better fit the diameter of the axle. Some washers as spacers and then bolt the plates on like a normal BC.