New Movie!!! A trials one!!!

I finally got my trials vid done! IT WAS ORIGINALY shot all in one day, but the camera work in some of the clips was horribly shakey. its called “A high school ride” dispite the fact that only half-ish of it was shot there. there is one clip at the end from the demo I did today riden by a bike trials guy, chris. any ways, it was the only clip I had of him and its not that great and dosen’t show his real potential. (by the end of the day he had gaped from the two skids over to the box, about 8 feet). any who, HERE’S
the video

OMG :astonished: Trials!!! Man youre on the cutting edge…Nobody does Trials vids!!!HAHA Just kidding. Im watching it now. Looks good.

Nice vid rad reed. Sweet riding. Good job on the train tracks, I wish I could balance like that!:smiley: Good Job!

good movie. good song

you look very comfortable with your rail riding… that’s impressive! your hops are good but it looks like you’re holding back… you look like you could go much bigger on your moves. have you tried any SIF trials yet?

fun video. it gave me some ideas for my trials course… i’m heading straight for my saw and hammer right now! thanks.

nice video. the song went great with the movie

Yes I have been practicing sif for a little while now, the reason I don’t have any sif in the movie is because I’m not as accurite or as stable with it. but by the time I make my next vid you should see some sif action. latley (in other people’s) I’ve noticed how much more potential you have with sif.

Thanks every one for for the coments so far. and trials_uni, please try to contain your exsitment next time. I realize you haven’t seen A trials vid before, but still;)