New Moves From Justin Abbott

Hey check it, this is a short vid I made in front of my house of some new tricks I had just learned. Hope y’all like it.

Here’s the link to it on Youtube:

youre damn good

Wheres your new trick that you did today?

Nice video I like how you link all of your tricks together.

u didn’t invent that ive been doing those for like 2 weeks

Well that vid is over a month old. It has been done before by other people though.

Cool stuff.

Read it again, he never mentioned anything about inventing things.

Yoooouuuu, didn’t watch the video…


back it up

haha, oops, I did watch id a while ago, I forgot that that he said that in the video. :o

nice dance

yo yo my pimp from da bay!


I’m gonna be down in the bay next week! we can rep da bay an’ shit down there!

Hit me uP!


ya pretty sure i invented those…been doin em fer like two months

I dont believe you wheres the proof?

damnit tim

tim…u know i was doin those ferever…ur just stirrin up the pot…of course as usual


I have a video of Lucas throwing that same trick with a side ww older than 2 months plus I was doing the same trick about 3 months ago, not suggesting for a second I invented it but unless you landed it more than 6-8 months ago, I’m pretty sure you weren’t the first to do it, sorry to burst the bubble big stuff.