New move maybe

I just got this move I thought up. I go seat in front with my left hand, then I go no footed and do a backside tire grab with the right hand. I can’t get it for very long, but I think I’ll call it a rodeo (only questionable because it’s taken for snow and skateboard) or a buckaroo. Has this been done before? I’m going to try to film it soon.

Is your stomach on the seat when u do it?

I would like to see it in the air. =p

No, I am in a sitting position holding myself above the tire with my right hand

is this sorta like a method in snowboarding?

if i understand it right, he does a sex change except staying on the same side of the seat.

I really dont think so. A sex change is a crankflip with a body varial so that is unrelated…

Can you post a video?

oh, i thought a sex change is where you grab the tire and go around the uni, like your whole body, mea culpa.

Oh I know what you mean, like the thing Dan did in Defect. I don’t know if that has a name.

So if I get this right then you are sif with your feet off the pedals with your hand behind you on the tire while the uni is on the ground?

No, I think he means he is sif with his feet off the pedals with his hand on the part of the wheel closest to him (i.e. it would be a back tire grab if the seat was under him).

That’s it. I need to find a camera to film this.

rodeo seems like a good name, it describes it well.

I’m gonna go with Buckaroo though, I like the sound of it better.

can you do like a stick man drawing on paint?

Can’t say I’ve seen it before sounds cool though, i’ll bet some freestyle flatland uni’ers have done it before. Buckaroo sounds like a good name for it though