New mixed video

hey, i was bored today so i figured i’d make a video. it’s not a serious unicycling video, it’s just a muck around. i ended up getting bored with the video so i stopped it where it is, it’s pretty short. i’ll add more later when i get the giraffe working again.


that was hilarious on the tricycle:p

What song was that? I liked it.

i plan to do some fairly extreme Muni on the tricycle tommorow when i head out to the state park.

the song is my favourite, OPM - heaven is a half pipe

OPM is the band?

how does MUni on a tricycle work when you at a skatepark :thinking:

yeah OPM is the band. i’ve just made a new video, its the same as before but with lots of other tricycling stuff.


That was pretty sweet.

Those drops were real good, and the minimoto was cool to.


he said state park not skate park. that was a funny video

that video its amazing!

my tricycle brother (its a pro) in berlin :

that is soooooooooooo awesome on the tricycle.

that’s pretty cool

that is a funny movie clip. do they really make mountain tricycles for big kids:)

haha thats pretty awesome! the tricycling in both videos was pretty insane. that should so be the next sport… moutain tricycling! now i wanna go next door and borrow my neibor’s kid’s trike.