New member saying hi

Hi everyone,
Im Leonie
Im 12 years old and i have been unicycling since i was 7 just not commitly, just started riding properly again, do freestyle but just got my brother(lucas1wheels) nimbus, so im learning street and trials now, i know afew people on here but thought id say hi, hopefully ill feature in a vid soon so look out for a little blonde girl lol

cya Leo

hey !!

welcome to the forums!

i bet your loads cooler than lucas1wheel

hello… welcome…
i wish i had started when i was 7 :frowning: as upposed to 17

from what ive herd, this girl is allready riding like a pro



Heya!! Welcome! I can’t wait for the vid!!!

Hi Leo!

Welcome to the forums! Just watch out for the troublemakers, like Lucus1wheel! :stuck_out_tongue:

Leo and Leo’s freestyle routine at BUC rocked! (It was the hairdo’s that did it for me!)

Rock on!

Yea, she is. Better rider to eh Lucas?

Heard about the set Leo, that rocks!



ehhhhhh i did it an was well happy but when i went back out i could do anything! we diddnt even bother trying 5 lol!

…or 27…