new Maxxis "Creepy Crawler" mod tire

Hey all.

Has anyone else yet heard of the new Maxxis “Creepy Crawler” tire or is it supposed to be a secret? I met this really cool guy named Jeremy (his stage name is “Extreme Jeremy”) at the Puyallip Spring Fair in Washington about 2-3 months ago. I guess he was the North American Bike Trials champion in either 2003 or 2004…anywho, he gave me the inside scoop on this new mod 20" fat Trials tire that he helped Maxxis with in designing called the Maxxis “Creepy Crawler”. He showed me his trials bike (I even got to try it out, boy its hard to hop on two wheelz!!) and on his bike, a 29"er I think, he had these really “squishy”, for lack of a better word, tires. They were just really forgiving, even on sharp edges that you ride or hop on/over. The tread pattern was something in between a Monty mod tire tread and an IRC Kujo downhill tire, it was wicked sick!!! He told me that the new Creepy Crawlers’ tread pattern would be similar to this. Plus, the tire (treads) were very “gummy” as he called it (sticky, grabby, god I gotta get a thesaurus!) and they grip VERY well, to almost any kind of surface at almost any angle in almost any kind of weather (much stickier than the Monty or Luna). But, there is a disadvantage–Jeremy said that this kind of tire wears out a LOT quicker (I think he said like 3 months) than a “normal”, less sticky trials tire. And trust me, this guy knows what he’s talkin about–he even cut out the tread of a Kenda tire and super-glued it to the soles of his shoes for more grip!! Jeremy said 2-3 months ago when I saw him that he thought the Creepy Crawler should be out in stores then, but I have looked at local bike shops and the Maxxis website and not found anything about them yet. Oh, and, I guess this would be KINDA important (hehe)…Jeremy, who has ridden with Kris Holm at the Test of Metal I think, said that this tire is just a little wider than the Monty (20 >< 2.5") and that it would most likely fit in my KH 20" Trials frame and fit the rim…yay!!! Allright, well, g2g for now, peace!

Nice work and report. I haven’t heard anything about this tire, but I’d like to know more about it when it comes to market. Please keep us posted.

I also saw one ‘in the flesh’ a few days ago. I can only think of two negative point about the tyre.

  • It’s really soft and will wear out quickly, but then again the soft-ness makes it rather grippy.
  • It has thin sidewalls which won’t be ideal for unicycle trials.

But…it retails at about $30 Australian! Even if it wears out quicker it’s still going to cost you less than a Monty.

I could only find one photo of it…

I found another photo but the site isn’t up at the moment -

I’m surprised that it’s out in bike shops already and Maxxis doesn’t even have anything about it on their site.


its a prototype tire and my bike trials freind got some from his sponsor buddy and he hates it. i mean he said he has never had a worse tire, but i dont know how good it would work on a uni. since he hates it so much then ill take them off his hands and then ill try it out

I don’t see how it could possibly fit in the KH20 frame as the 20 x 2.5 is already so close. Unless it’s like an 18" rim or something, and I don’t think they have them.

Hi there,

I use this tire and I love it. It is 230g lighter than a Luna. And it`s very sticky …

Here you`ll see a pic.

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