new LX pedals

I have a hard time keeping my feet on the pedals and if they get wet it is even harder to stay on. what are some good pedals to put on my LX that will not break the bank but work well.


where should I post this?

anything with pins. the jimmy C pedals are great.

I’ll buy your LX pedals from you.

I really like the standard pedals on the DX; metal BMX pedals with pins. . Really should get shingaurds with those though, as they WILL tear up your shins and calves.

how much would you want them for? I have used them for about 2weeks

would these be any good?


so no becuase of the jagged edges

i’d say those would be crap for what you’re doing.

i’d get something like the DX pedals.
i’ve got Jim C pedals and they’re great.
you want something with removable pins.

are any of these good?

well i’d say


Here are some good platform pedals that look good to me, I don’t know if a platform pedal is what you want, but most people are probably going to tell you that you want a platform pedal so I don’t bother arguing with them cause I’m lame like that. 1 2 3 4 and my personal favourites 5.
So yeah out of the ones on Amazon that I saw there, those are the ones I would recommend, obviously the cheaper more ghetto looking ones are cheaper and more ghetto, my personal favourites there and the ones I would personaly consider buying are number five. These suit my riding riding style. Any pedal can suit your riding style, nothing is a wrong pedal, if you decide that clipless is what you want then go for it (but don’t tell the insurance company I said that).

which one of these two sets look better? can I remove the pins if I fins that they cut me

From the looks of it you can only remove 6 pins from each side of the Oddysey pedals, and zero from the bullet proof. I would still recommend the Bullet Proof pedals though as the frame looks much more sturdy. I have a set of pedals with a similar frame, and it took a long time of constant very hard abuse before I was able to damage them, but I know a friend o mine that had a pair of pedals that looked exactly like thos Odysseys, and he snapped the end off of one within a couple weeks of learning to ride trials.

I’d say the second pair is better. I didn’t understand the rest of what you said though.

If you are going to say that one is better than the other then give reasons as to why they are better, don’t just give your opinion without facts to back it up.

oops, I meant the first pair, I got mixes up on wich was wich. the first pair has a really nice pin pattern, and from the looks of it you can probably take off the side pins with an allen wrench.

I think I will get the bullet proofs

I put Kona Jackshits on my lx and love it