Hello all! Its been a while since I’ve been here to check the forums! Since I’ve been gone, well I finished building my custom coker frame (designed after the GB4 frame) and pieced together a 36er. Building the frame took me a very long time, as I only had a hack saw, and a grinder to use. For a while I was riding around with a bare metal frame and it began to rust rappidly, living on the coast of Maine. Finally, I ordered a Powder Coating Do-It-Yourself kit from Eastwood Company, and some powders of different colors to experiment with. The kit was very cheap, only $100 and came with almost everything you need to start powder coating your own metal! I chose lime green to coat the frame in, and I was amazed by how easy everything was! The process of painting the frame and drying took less than an hour, and delivered professional results, as you can see in the pictures.

Lee’s 36er Specs:
Airfoil Rim wheelset with hub
Qu-Ax 125mm alloy cranks
Coker Tire
Coker Tube
Wellgo Pedals
GB4 25.4mm seatpost
Odyssey Seatpost Clamp

Miyata Plastic Seatbase
GB4 Stiffener Plate
Dogbone Airpillow
GB4 Handlebars
Cateye Cycle Computer
Gemcrest Leather Seat Cover

Yeah so I put a lot of money into this :slight_smile:

Well, here are the pics I know you’ve all been dying to see:
First 2 Pics - before powdercoating


sweeet, that is one AWESOME frame.
what kit did you use?

And thats me! :slight_smile:

Looks professional all right!
Whats the reason for the slanted crown, besides it looking cool?

I’m not suprised about the color though… It matches your avatar.

That lime green is really nice!

mmm… apple…

that is a NICE frame. a REALLY nice frame. And a good ripoff of the KH frame too! What kind of tubing didja use for the seatpost, and what’s its inner diameter?

This kit:

Reason #1 - Aerodynamics :stuck_out_tongue:
Reason #2 - Looking Kool
Reason #3 - A place to rest your foot if you’re riding 1 footed :astonished:

Oh yeah I forgot to mention that - METAL USED WAS 4130 CHROMOLY (STEEL) - the inner diameter of the seatpost tube is a little more than 25.4mm (1 inch) to fit the GB4 seat tube snug.

Many hours went into this frame because, first of all, it’s the first metal project I’ve ever done, and second, I didn’t have the appropriate tools - only a hack saw and power grinder on hand.


Congratulations on a great project, Lee!

Goose! Iceman! Tell Maverick we found his glasses!

You did an amazing job. Good luck with it. It is one terrific looking uni. Where did you bake the frame?
Sears now has a powder coating kit.

me likey your uni



Man, thats a loud frame! It’s awesome! :sunglasses:

Thats a sweet uni, the slanted crown and lime green frame are nice.


Man, that is really sweet. Great job. You musta been really careful cutting the tubes to get 'em the same length so the axel would sit nice and square. Where did you get the ovalized tubes for the fork? Did you do your own welding? I just finished my own custom 29er (search my name for the thread & photos). I found some 4130 steel tubes but they’re round. I would have loved to use ovalized tubes 'cuz they look sleeker.

Thanks everyone! I love it too. :smiley:

I bought a used, $25 electric oven and and baked it in there. It worked just as good as an IR heat lamp.

I actually bought round 4130 tubes like you did, and brought them to a friend at a metal shop. He was able to “squish” the tubes in a hydraulic vice, and they came out perfect.

No, the guy at the metal shop did the welding job for me. But, I’m taking welding class now in my high school! So you can expect me to be welding up my next frame.

Shiggty Swah That is a sweet frame, Can you make me one?

Are you going to do your Summit?

Thats an awesome frame, i want a lime green uni!

It even matches your jacket:D

It’s not a rip off of the KH frame, it’s a copy of the GB4 frame.


AquaBible holds no scripture.

also, the bearing holders are differant than shaft collar style GB4 holders.