!!! new koxx one video !!!

Yea the music ruined it for me…

wow really great riding! you guys have some really sick tech flatland riding!

Wow, i honestly thought that no one would ever be able to out fifthflip luke:D . trey sideflip down the 4 was cool but it seems like you could do 6:p lol. amazing flat combos to. There really should have been more street but whatever it was a crazy good vid so no worries.

that music was so horrible.

the riding was good though.

the movie is only 4:07 long was it 2:30

that was amazing i liked how smooth the crankroll transfers were.

Woah, that is really weird. The time was really messed up last time I watched it, I remember going to the very end and it said it was over 7 minutes and I was thinking it didn’t seem that long. I have no idea how that happened.
The one I was talking about is at 2:20.:slight_smile:

yeah in the parking lot

wow this was so crazy. i loved it. ekcept for the music… stupid amount of cussing.

Awesome video, I really like watching flat land. I forgot about that song, I haven’t heard in it years.

I think its weird how nobody even turns their head to watch a trick.

On the koxx one site it says Krisz rides a black domina frame but he doesn’t in the video, did he break it already?

Haha, all the complaints about the music.

I thought it fit the video very well, and it made me think back to elementary school when I used to listen to Limp Bizkit all the time.

did anybody catch the inward small outside flip?? that was sick.

yea didnt know what to call it.

it wasnt an outsideflip it was a sideflip (I know im being a smartass)
Edit: but yeah that was definitely sick.



Hey guy’s,

Thanks a lot for the comments…those who don’t like the music sorry.
Hey Spenc you have very good eyes for flat :wink: i did bail after that trick… :frowning:
But we filmed it for so long i had to shit on it:) :slight_smile: :)…(it got dark)… i guess i could do it though.
Oh and i think the trick is inward small sideflip.

Mad. But that music was absolutly terrible, I don’t really care about swearing, it just plain sucked.
Riding was pretty sweet though.

I kinda liked the music it was funny. Especially when he said “its the chocolate starfish”. :smiley:

:astonished: AWSOME :astonished:

I agree on the music, they over did it on the swearing IMO. I see the point though it kind of sucks they always cut out all the swearing in everything w/ mainstreem media.

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I was a big fan of the McFlips.