New kid on the trail

I’m Kobi. I’m riding for the past year or so, mostly offroad.
This weekend I had special company: my 10yo daughter Ruthie joined me for the first time in the forest. She’s riding for the past6 months, and is really into it.
She did quite well! We tried some gravel roads, and then some singletracks.
It seems as we’re going to spend a lot of time at that forest in the near future…

cool :smiley:

Welcome Kobi !

I’m hoping to have my daughter join me on rides someday. She’s 6 and will practice as long as I give her a hand to hold onto as she rides around our street. She’s determined, so maybe she’ll be riding on her own this spring.


Welcome to the forums Kobi!

Feel free to ask questions and be part of the community. :smiley:

  • James

Great job Ruthie!!! And welcome to your dad.

Way to go!

Wow Kobi!

That is a nice picture! Very cool that your daughter is into the singles! I bet Ruthie start doing drops sooner than you expect! Now, we just got to get my sons riding. I don’t know maybe with a cute girl into riding they will get sucked in too! Keep up the good work Kobi and Ruthie!