New KH unicycle

Does anyone have any information about when the new Kris Holm unicycle will be available to buy?

Which one?

Ive heard talk about a new one coming out this summer?

Were did you hear about that? Some top secret members only unicycle website?:smiley:

I would tell you but i would have to kill you. jk. trip told me about a new trials uni thats supposed to come (soon), with new cranks, new wheel set, new frame, new seat. I was wondering if anyone else has heard anything, or if it was a “town rumor”

word on the street is that there are new kh cranks coming out without the ankle biting nubs as well as an updated frame as seen at motorama. there is also a new version of the kh seat which has been mentioned in other threads. i really want to see how this uni turns out.

The cranks with the smaller nubs are already out. Kris is still testing the new frame and seat as far as I know. He had the seat at motorama as well.


If you are talking about the new hub, the earliest it might be available from would be Aug/Sept.