new keukly vid(loic baud and samiaul)

u can watch it here

enjoy !

And I DID enjoi this :smiley:
The song, was that “in the club” from TTC?

Peter M

it’s a remix , maybe by para one but i’m not sure

that was ill. Couple sketchy parts but still pretty insane.

Awesome, I really liked it.

On a couple of the flips it was hard to tell if they were doubles or triples.

What kind of frame was he riding at 1:00?

The 3spin into rolling wrap - 5spin - double change line was awesome.

wow…really nice! perfect length, and nice editing

awesome riding too

was that a treyflip to rolling wrap or a 360 unispin

:smiley: 3-6 spin to rolling warp

was that a 720 unispin at like 1:10ish

Thi vid made me think about pumping my tire on my 20" and go ride. Tomorrow, if the weather holds:)

I love your videos Samiaul…They inspire me!

The Trial part is cooler than the other videos… What is the strange frame that you used in one minute?

Maybe I go to live a year in France…In august of this year maybe…or maybe december… One day i want to ride with you french guys! :smiley:

Bye… Release more vídeos please… They motivate me!!! :wink:

a rolling 7 no less.
well done.


Great vidddddd man more more :slight_smile: like the green ish uni too FUNKAY :_)

cool video man good work! :slight_smile: