New Jousting Video

A little jousting experiment. Turns out 3" thick cardboard makes a very strong and lightweight sheild, but cheap badmitten net poles do not make the best lances. Enjoy.



Down down down… red knights going down…

hahahahha …man, there’s just something about unicycle jousting that puts a smile on my face. Good job guys.

Mojoe… in ice covered Iowa

Nice vid! I have yet to do any real uni jousting, but you’ve inspired me to go out and do it.

Nice vid. What were you guys using for lances? It seemed kinda weak to break from those impacts.

Awsome Vid Kyle! I bet skinny PVC pipes would make better lances they wouldn’t crack as easily.

Nice vid

i think i will try it with my brother sometimes :smiley:

looks much fun! I’ll have to try it out some time!

Did the video play a very slow fps for anyone, or was it just me and my stupid computer?


Well part of it was slowmo so yes it does go at a slow fps at one point.

Thats a good video you got there.

Love it, next time how about some cardboard armor.

Cool video! We did uni jousting at the Woodford Folk Festival where we were doing freestyle, trials, and muni demos. Actually it ended up as people bashing each other with the lances rather than jousting.

We used wooden poles that were about 5 or 6’ long and about 20mm diameter, stuck through those foam pool noodles. Eventually one of them broke when someone went for a very powerful blow to my shoulder but luckily I blocked it. So we took the broken one and turned it into two shorter ones.

A fun thing to try is the old lance-between-the-legs (and I mean between the two moving legs, not the other type of between the legs) when they’re riding along…they’ll fall right over.



jousting is really stupid! ha ha!

were gona put it in our dvd when we get round to making it i think we’l try and go with the cardboard armour too!

there were some guys jousting at crawley juggling festival but you could make it more amusing by both using "12 inch unis! then 1 of u on a 5 foot giraffe and the other a 12 inch! hilaroius


nice. it looks like it’d be better on grass so then u could go faster and when u fell, it wouldn’t hurt as much

I think it would look better on Cokers.

What a riot! I’ve heard it talked about on these forums, but to see it is to appreciate it. Great editing…looks like a few Pinnacle Studio fonts in the titles?..the transitioning of the subjects with the fades while the background stayed solid was very effective. I can’t wait 'til my kids wake up so they can see it. Thanks a bunch, I laughed out loud!

LOL… I want to try that

You could use PVC pipe, but it’s really flexible, and is likely to bend. Also, if hit hard, can shatter, but it takes lots of force to do that.

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. Good eye. I’m using Pinnacle 9 right now, which is pretty awesome, but there are still a few things that I wish I could do with it, mainly reversing clips. Do you have any experience with Premiere? I’m wondering if I should make a switch.

We tried 2 different lances. The first couple of hits were with long badmitten net poles. They worked good for my brother, but mine just bent right in half. Then we used a sort of pvc material for the last couple of shots. Each one was two pieces that fit together, really flexible, but I think that helped take some of the danger out of it.

I really like the idea of cardboard armor. I think that would be hilarious.

What would really be great is to have a whole army of uni jousters. Get a group of like 20 people, split into teams of 10, each decked out in their respective armour, and film them charging each other. Like Braveheart or The Last Samarai. I could see something like that becoming an internet sensation, plus it would be a blast and a half to do.

THAT is entertainment!

Great Video! It’s inspiring! Should I wear safety goggles? Is the groin a legal target area?

Jackass did a similar stunt on BMX bicycles, they had more speed but your version is more dynamic.