New hub in old KH frame?

Have tried to dig up some info but not much I could find.

Question: Will a 2005 KH 20" frame and clamps accept a modern 42mm bearing 100mm ISIS hub?

Yes. The KH/Onza hub from 2005 uses 42mm bearings.

What year did Kris switch from KH/Onza to Moment hubs? If I see a KH20 on the trading post and it has a Moment hub, can I assume it is newer than 2005. How do you “date” KH equipment. What are the drawbacks of buying a KH older than 2005?

I think the Moment was on the 2007, and maybe 2006. before 2004 there was an odd BMX splined hub that had a few crank problems not the least of which was finding any.

The original (blue) Moment hub had large KH cutouts in the flanges that are believed to weaken the flanges to the point of failure.

Thanks jtrops! And, since no good deed goes unpunished, would you (or anyone else) mind taking a look at this and tell me what you think?

I did it with a 2008 KH Moment hub (blue steel hub) in a 2005 KH29 frame, no problem and I think it also no problem with latest 2009 Moment hub (mixt aluminum / steel)

Moment ISIS hub and cranks were introduce on “2007” models which were available from mid-2006 I think, they are using same external bearing dimensions 42x12mm and bearing distance 100mm

I have a KH29 from 2005 with the reinforcement plate under the crown and I upgraded it to a Nimbus ISIS CrMo hub two years ago (from a KH/Onza). Works fine thanks to the bearings size that is common in unicycle hubs :slight_smile:

Thanks for the answers dudes.