new here...looking for people.

well i been riding for a few weeks now but i hadnt found this until now. so i was wandering are there any other unicyclist in the denton TX area?


Welcome to the forums!

I am not sure how many other unicyclist live in or by your area, but they will show up soon, hopefully.

According to the map there are 2-3 forum members at least in the Dallas area.

Check out the Austin unicycle club. I think that would be your closest source for finding riders in your area. They have website, but you would have to google it.

dude i live in the US lol. thats ok ill pass.

I live in Southern Oklahoma. How old are you? There are alot of people that ride in the Dallas area for sure.


Austin, Texas. Do you not have a basic grasp of national geography?

do you not even know your own state. i know I don’t know mine great but I do know some of my cities and counties in it

…You don’t know our own state CAPITAL?

You, my friend, are an idiot.

Matt (dudewithasock) and I live in Rowlett. It’s right next to Garland in this map:

Look a little right of the center of the map.

Since you probably don’t know where Dallas is…

It’s up in the upper-right.

If you can find the Dallas/Ft.Worth Unipsychos website, try to contact them.

Try the unicycle roster on There are more people listed on there than there are on this forum

that site needs an update

…wow. Incredibly sad.

I’m down in Arlington.

oops ok i thought he put australia i was in a hurry. and hey KH can i come ride with you? joking but that would be cool. also i met a guy that lives right across the street from my aunt and i called him hes gonna teach me some stuff.

I live in corpus christi, If you ever go there, tell me and I’ll try to meet up w/ you somewhere