New helmet cam!

This is my new helmet camera from The camera is mounted in an aluminum tube that is practically indestructable. You can run over the camera with a truck. It is held on to the helmet with some dual lock velcro. It is kind of like velcro, but there is no felt. It is plastic pins on both pieces of tape. It has been tested on race cars at 200mph, so I don’t think it is going to come off any time soon. The small video camcorder is used as a vcr to capture the video from the helmet cam. The video camera is an Aiptek DZO-V58N. It stores the video in a 4 gig SD card, so there are no moving parts in the whole setup. The video camera and the battery fits in my pocket. The helmet cam is also water proof. I will be testing it out later today.

Hey! I just got a helmet cam too! It’s a different type (go pro helmet hero), but I got it from the same site.

Here’s some clips from my latest ride (the camera was mounted on my uni frame)

I’ve noticed that youtube kills the quality bigtime, but the straight video is great

Here’s a picture of my camera (on my full helmet for downhill mtb)

It comes with an amazing crash/water proof case that’s good up to 100’ under water, it takes single pics at 5 megapixels, and it also comes with about 4 or 5 different mounting options. I’m loving it :~)

I use the same one for motocross. I am one of their sponsored riders, and i love my gopro. It is simple to work and takes excelent footage. There cheap too, about 200usd. But since im special there 50. :stuck_out_tongue:

So have you been out on a ride with your new camera? How’re the wires? That was the one thing that deterred me from getting a camera such as yours, because I don’t like riding with stuff in my pockets. But if it’s not too bad, then a camera such as yours might be my next one in case mine breaks, gets lost, gets eaten my a bear, etc.

Well unfortuanetly I have to send the camera back and exchange it for another one. The camera I have is defective and takes terrible videos. Everything looks like it has multicolors on it and it just looks like crap. I first I thought it was the digital recorder, but I plugged the camera into the AV input of my Sony digital camcorder and it looks like crap over there too. Hopefully the new one will be here by next week. As far as the wire, there is only one wire. and it doesn’t get in the way at all. The dvr hardly weighs anything at all. The heavyest piece is the battery pack with the 8 AA batteries. They do sell a rechargeable battery pack that is a lot smaller and lighter. It looks like a battery pack from a remote control car, so I might go to my local hobby shop to see if they sell something like it.

I just put the battery and the dvr in my pocket and had the wire down my back between by back and the Camelback. I may try putting the battery and dvr in a small fanny pack facing the front, but it didn’t really bother me at all with it in my pocket.

If this camera doesn’t work out, I will probably go with the Gopro, but I muni where there are a lot of low branches and that camera sticks out pretty high, even though it is small, but it’s not that expensive and takes excellent videos.

Bummer on the broken camera, that’s never fun.
As for trees and the go pro, I wouldn’t worry too much because the mounts that come with it are really sturdy. I’ve hit several fairly big branches while snowboarding thru trees and it just keeps taking it.

Vio pov.1

I bought the POV.1 just before we went to Panama. I tried a few of the helmet cams out there and nothing compared in quality to the POV. Check out this video. The entire thing was shot with a helmet cam. Team Personal Rollercoaster PRI video. The video is also on YouTube somewhere, but the quality there sucks.

The camera is a little pricey, but you get what you pay for.

V.I.O. POV.1.5 Unicycle Point-of-View

Check it out at

Poofengle’s video is awe(sorry Harper)some!!!

I think this camera angle gives non-riders a glimse of what we see.

ha ha I love how you can see all the dirty details of poofengle’s tire wear in that vid. Looks like you’re using the wide ange go pro? Although there are certainly more expensive videos out there, the go pro is pretty awesome for the money.

That was my first thought when watching the video (great one, by the way!). I’ve seen tires with bald spots, but it looked like that tire had a “tread spot” hehe.

John M

All footage shot with the V.I.O. POV.1.5 or POV.1