New guy...hello

Just wanted to say hello. I used to ride a unicycle as a kid and want to get back into it again. In those days, late 60’s, I had a Schwinn unicycle. Would like to buy unicycle but it looks like they have gotten much more technical than they were. Need to learn about the nuances of the new designs before I make a purchase. Any suggestions are more than welcome. I look forward to learning to ride again and to enjoy it like I used to.
Tom from Ohio

Welcome to the forumtlavergne :slight_smile:
Have a read through the posts and do some searching, there is loads of useful info on here. If you can already ride a uni then you’re off to a good start.

Thank you for the welcome. Well, I used to ride. I am hoping it comes back fairly easily!

Hey tlavergne, good to have you back. We missed you.

Can you give us an idea of the kind of riding you’re looking to do?
That would help in suggesting a uni.

‘Normal’ riding, ie parade-type stuff and maybe some UniHoki?
Long distance?
Gentle off-road?
Technical off-road?
Bouncing up and down street-furniture, ie trials?

Send word.

They say you never forget how to ride a bicycle.

Let us know if that applies to riding a unicycle.

At this point I am just hoping to ride around the block on pavement. Looking at 26" with street tire. If this works out then I will look into trail riding and probably a 2nd uni for that. Baby steps for now!

I just bought myself a 26 inch muni after being in the same situation as tlavergne. My experience is that it nicely applies to the unicycle as well. I am still a bit rusty on freemounts when the ground is rough, but I blame that on the larger wheel.

Welcome Tlavergne, and since GILD forgot to mention it:
That’s one more of us, one less of them…
well, let’s say that’s 1/2 more of us, 1/2 less of them;)

a 26’’ wheel is a good choice for both street and trail riding, so you probably won’t have to buy another uni. Just be cautious on you tire choice.
There are many 26 tires available and you can certainly find one with a polyvalent profile (not too knoby for street riding, not too slick for offroad riding).
“Go for an ISIS hub” will be my last but not least advice (more expensive but soo much stronger)

Bought a Nimbus II…26" with street tires. It came today. Up and riding within a half an hour. Amazing how fast it came back to me after almost 40 years. Exciting day!

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