New Fusion Zero ultra low curvature unicycle saddle

Except that the zero’s pivotal interface does not even come in contact with the shadow handle’s corresponding interface; only the bolt that passes through. Just looks odd being “suspended” with that huge gap between the interface.

I think the Zero hexagonal bolt is just floating, it’s not securing anything. I reckon the base is secured to the pivotal seat post with it’s own hexagonal bolt.

Btw, leaving out the shadow base, the Zero saddle is compatible with the Nimbus pivotal seat post. It can be secured directly to the Nimbus pivotal seat post. The Zero bolt fits the Nimbus post and it’s pivotal grooves are compatible with the grooves on Nimbus post.

So the Zero can be fitted to a Nimbus just as easily as it can to a KH.

Yep, I used a hacksaw. Then filed the bottom of the cut to give it a round edge. Oh well, it’s in place now.

I had a spare rear bumper, so I made 2 brackets, found some screws and made a bumper extension. At least the saddle won’t rub on its stitching next time I fall… :sunglasses:

I drove back to Oregon today from California, so unfortunately I didn’t have much daylight left for riding. I installed the Zero onto my Deity seatpost to my 26" road set-up (without the T Bar). I went around the parking lot a few times with each seat angle. The flattest was immediately the most comfortable. I especially like how narrow the middle is. This will hopefully eliminate or at least decrease the inner-thigh and bikini line chafing that my Naomi saddle causes. The higher angles felt strange, especially when mounting, but I think will be better for muni since the steep angle made pulling up on the saddle much easier. With the flatter angle, I felt most comfortable sitting in the middle, whereas with the higher angles, I felt more comfortable putting most of my weight on the wider part in the back. Did anyone else feel similar?

These were just my first impressions. After class tomorrow I intend to do a distance ride and start adjusting to the new set-up.

That is one beautiful uni!!!

Well after a few longer rides, I still find the flattest angle the most comfortable, but most of my weight is in the back of the uni, even when I lean forward on handlebars. Speaking of handlebars, riding with them on my Zero saddle is SIGNIFICANTLY easier than the last month of riding with them on my Naomi. I have no idea why, but I’m actually able to ride more than 10 feet now (did 6.5 miles today) and I can even ride with both hands on the handlebar for about 100 meters.

So now to my question…before trying out the handlebars, I found that I was seated so far back that I was able to rest my entire palm on the front of the seat and the handle. Even with the handlebars, I still have a lot of room in the front and when I get tired of the handlebar positions, I find myself sitting more upright with the my palms pressing on the front half of the saddle. It’s actually comfortable for me. Has anyone else experienced this? Is the Zero longer than other seats?

Here’s a pic of what I mean.

I can do that with the Naomi saddle too… In fact, that’s my ‘default’ riding position - both hands on the grab handle, one on each side, as though I’m holding handlebars. Good to know I’ll manage it with a Zero too :smiley:

I have always rode like this while doing Muni. Even with my other saddles. Its nice to see I’m not the only one. :smiley:

I don’t mean just on the grab handle. My picture might not have accurately represented what I meant. On my Naomi saddle, I put my palm on the grab handle, but that’s it. On this saddle, I have about 2-3 inches of frontal-saddle space PLUS the grab handle space! It’s just a lot of room that I’m not familiar with, so I wonder if the saddle itself is particularly long, or if the flatter angle forces me further back on the saddle, leaving more room for palm placement. What do you think?

Hi Bri!

The flatter profile should let you sit farther back on the saddle and should actually be better (more sitbone contact).

How is the padding compared to your other saddles, what’s your opninion about it?



Oh wow, I guess you’re right :smiley: I’m thinking either the flatness pushes you towards the back or the flatness has sort of added a couple inches without it using more seat, if that makes sense…

Either way, I see that as a good thing. Some saddles are too short to do the two-handed seat grab sprint position :smiley:

The padding is hard. I need cycling shorts to be comfortable now. I can’t just jump on the uni in jeans anymore. I am still getting used to it.

The Zero is about same length as the old-style curved KH base (e.g. Naomi saddle) and newer curved KH base (curved Fusion saddles & Nimbus Gel), if you “project” the saddle to an uncurved profile. They’re all around 300 mm not including the front handle or rear bumper.

But yes - the low curve on the Zero enables more practical space for leaning at the front, including placing your palms onto the foam just behind the front handle.

The padding is a lot more firm than what I’m used to. In the long run, I think it might soften up (or my butt will build more fat cells for protection). :slight_smile: I have a feeling that it’s going to take me a while before the saddle feels comfortable. It’s manageable right now, and the width and angle is much better than my Naomi, but I get saddle soreness in new places, so I think I’ll need to build up to the adjustment.

I unicycled 0.4 miles to class today in jeans and I regretted in immediately. I’ll be wearing bike shorts to class from now on.

Thanks for the clarification! I definitely like the extra space. It gives me more options for hand placement, even with the T bar. I still can’t figure out why, but I’m also able to ride with two hands on the grab handle with ease, whereas with my previous saddle, I could only ride with one hand. Maybe the slimmer profile or the extra space gives more control?

Hm, thought decision.

What i like about my ghetto flat Freeride is the fact that i can Hop on and ride with just a pair of Jeans with no provlem (max. 5km so far).
Every saddle without that “Hop on and ride a few km’s without thinking about what you are wearing right now” would be a significant discomfortabilization (i am sure that word did not exist until now).



That pretty much describes my ride on the Zero this morning, sans bikeshorts =). Based on the comments so far I’m not sure if they relate more to foam firmness or to an initial period of adjustment going from a curved to nearly curveless saddle.

ride 3 and 4

I’ am getting used to the new zero .:slight_smile:
It gets better every ride.
It is on my KH 26 guni, I use for XC style trips of 1.5 hours.

Ride 1: very painfull, not used to the hard foam. switched between 1 notch and no notch visible several times (nose all the way up). Had to stop after one hour because of saddle soreness.Way worse than my KH freeride.
Ride 2: nose all the way up for the whole ride: 1.5 hours of mixed technical and 2e gear riding, and a pause every 10 minutes. No more pain then with a Fusion Freeride.

Ride 3: After 10 minutes I switch to one notch visible. Kept it there for the rest of the ride (1.5 hours). It felt more comfortable now.

Ride 4: Very good, it is starting to feel like a good bike saddle. I got a flat tire after 1 hour riding (snakebite). In that hour of riding I had a few pauses, I am getting comfortable with the zero now.

So it takes a few rides to get used to it, I am happy with it now :slight_smile:
Like most of you I ended up with the one notch position.

For me, I think I will need to get used to both the firmness and the flat-ish feature. I estimate in a month max I’ll be completely comfortable with it and won’t be dependent on the bike shorts.

I was lucky enough to get a Zero from the original UDC order back in the begining of June. I wasn’t paying attention, ordered the 27.2mm post only to find that it was obviously about 2mm too big. So, I ordered the 25.4, only to find that my old Pashley Muni uses a 25.0 grrr. This week, I got that extra .4mm shaved off and got it all put together tonight. It is a firm saddle, but it does feel like the pressure is where it should be. I’m looking forward to going on a couple of rides this weekend and playing around with the saddle angle.