New freestyle tricks!!

Hey everyone.

Lately I have been creating some new tricks on my uni. I invented that as far as I know, but I want to check with everyone else before I take credit as the inventor. So please reply if you have seen these tricks before:

Saran Wrap:

First you put your left foot on your left crank and your right foot on your right pedal. Then you lean your uni forward, swing your right leg back, through you left leg and the frame, and then in front, landing with both feet on you pedals. Through this your left foot stays on the crank. This trick resembles a side mount 1.5 leg wrap, but I made it into a stationary trick…and it is a lot harder to pull off. Keep in mind that I hop with my left foot forward, so if you hop right-footed inverse my instructions.

Frame Stall:

First you hop seat out in front with your feet on your cranks. Then you drop your seat to the ground in front of you and hop on your frame (the part of the frame where the spokes meet the rim, there is a bit of a gap there). Pause there for as long as you can, then hop back on your pedals and pick up your seat in one fluent motion (you have to do both of these at the same time because it is easy to lose your balance otherwise). I first introduced this trick at the toque games’ best trick competition, so you might have seen it there.

These are only a few tricks that i am working on. I will try to get videos up. I will post more and I can land then.

If you have any unique stationary or non-riding freestyle tricks please post them. I am interested in learning all of the flat land uni tricks i can.

Thank you for listen to me,
Budd White

Can you post any video clips on these tricks cuz Im having a hard time imagining them.

i have tryed the “Frame Stall” but could never realy get it so i gave up i would love to see some one do it

I’ve seen Sarah (one of the girls in our local unicycle club) do that frame stall trick. Or at least what I think you’re calling that trick.

She dropped the seat to the floor like a seat drag then jumped up on the legs of the frame. Then jumped up and down to get the tire bouncing on the ground. Then get back to the pedals. I don’t know if she was able to pick up the seat and recover back to riding or not.

Her goal was to get the tire bouncing on the ground by hopping while standing on the frame. In your frame stall you stay stationary till you get back to the pedals. Sarah was also doing this on a trials uni with a fat tire rather than a freestyle uni.
Look at video 9.5 in the gallery linked to above. I think the “Saran Wrap” trick is in there. I have a hard time picturing the other one.

I haven’t invented any stationary freestyle moves, but as far as I know, I am the first person to do one-footed forward lace walk. (Wheel walking forward, one-footed, with the foot behind the frame.)

Thanks for the link…that strange looking wheel walk with one foot in front and one behind is amazing!


I also invented ‘the saran wrap’ but I just call it leg-around… or something…
and I can’t really picture the other one.

the other one is just plain easy. All you do is drop the frame and instead of holding it with your toes, you let it drop and place your feet on the cranck AND the frame…it’s actually easier

Both of these were in Universe…1. The strange wheel walk is the mysterious Koosh Koosh.

…but a quite different technique for it isn’t it? I thought the rear foot was usually pressed up against the frame.


No, it’s the one on the iUF skills list called “wheel walk frame between feet.” It’s actually pretty easy to do- you just push with one foot and pull with the other. The backward version (also on the IUF skills list) is also fairly easy.

In koosh koosh, you go backward, the foot in back does all the pushing, and the other foot rests on the frame, holding the tire in place while you reposition the other foot.

Funny i seem to have no trouble picturing that other one(if im thinkin of hte right one), prolly cause i thoguht of it before but never tried, I cant now do to busted foot.

Dang I was watchin some of those videos, that dude rocked

Yeah, I’ve seen Sarah do it in the gallery and the other one in one of Sabin’s movies on a picnic table, and Jess’s movie Rainy Day Riding. Lots of uni tricks are invented independently everywhere. I can do the wrap around, and sorta the framestall but I never really worked at it.

Keep inovating though I think its sweet.


The move the guy does in the unicon movie is easier than the trick I do. The unicon guy lifts his leg over the seat. I do it the opposite way… and much farther away from the balance point.

I filmed this trick today… now i just have to figure out how to load it so you can see it.

Budd White

I think this is a photo of it (or at least you were given credit for the photo John):

YES!!! That is the exact trick. Thank you for the picture. I love doing that trick!

That is a photo of Sara doing that skill.
However, the photo isn’t mine even though it’s in the Lars in Seattle gallery that I created. Everyone who took photos that day put the photos in that one gallery. The photo of Sara there was taken with a Minolta DiMAGE 7Hi camera and I can’t remember who there that day had that camera. Oh well. It was a fun day.

Cool trick,I cant do it.DOes it do any harm to the frame?

Is it like this one, but then entirely to the ground?
Colin Schworer (US, MN) use to show a ex-tre-me-ly slow and controlled one of that in 2000.