New Freestyle Pictures

Check them out and tell me what you think…
I’ll be adding some serious trials pictures once I buy a stronger wheelset this Christmas.


Great photos! For that superman one, are you balancing on the spot or riding along?


Your friend on the board looks like he’s having fun!


The Superman trick is done while stopped. But I suppose if you became good enough at it that you could handwalk with your feet out. Therefore making it a mobile trick.
Ya, my friend was having fun. Its an interesting story, we had just broken my Semcycle frame on my MUni while forward jumping a wall and so we needed something to play around on. That was what happened. Sad sad people, I know.

Great pics… make me want to go run and play… on a work day. :frowning:

I just love the ‘Morge Bord’ air shot followed by the pic showing the hammer, nailed shoes, and fall-out shelter in the background- made me think you had a nasty twister, and tried to ride it out nailed to the back porch…


Tim your insane

hey tim, this is jon. i looked at your pics and they were great! but one question, i didn’t see any straps on the morgue board, were his shoes NAILED to it?!?



Yes the shoes were nailed to the board. I think that that board was probably the most redneck board we ever made. Hehehe…
Hey could I get some comments on the tricks or some advice? The morgue board is great but… that wasn’t my original intent…

Thanks anyways,

No Jon… YOUR insane, I’m just evil.

Morgue Board?

I’ve never heard of a morgue board. Google didn’t turn up anything (which shocked me). Would someone mind explaining the concept for us un-enlightened folk?

Or is it nothing more than a board nailed/strapped to the feet?


The morgue board is a totally new thing. My friends and I put it together after breaking my only working unicycle. We needed something to entertain ourselves with until new parts could be gotten.

If you really want to, feel free to make your own. It really is just a board with some old shoes nailed to it. Converse are recommended as they give more support to the back of your foot. You’d be surprised with how much fun you can have with it!