New frame....

i did some searching and didnt find anything… i am looking for a new frame for street riding, cuz the one i have now has a skinny seatpost thing, and the frame is bent… so i was looking at the KH frames. i know about the blue Al one for 175$ at bedford then i saw he has a Black Cr-Mo KH frame for 125$… i was wondering if any one has any pics or info about the black Cr-Mo frame… and is the blue one worth the extra 50$??? thanks

Ps. i am looking at the frames for 20" trials wheels…

Yes the blue one is worth the extra money.
It’s lighter and has a cooler color :stuck_out_tongue:


or anyone know about a new KH trials frame coming out??

I know the Nimbus II frame is a great frame. I am not sure if it will hold your bearings, cause it holds 40mm bearings, so if your hub is a 42 then its out.

The Nimbus II frame weighs 2 pounds, and is really strong, it only cost about 50 dollars and has survived a highway crash with just getting scratched, when the rest of the uni was bent out of commision, so its a really strong frame.

yeah, but i really want to get a KH frame cuz i have KH cranks and they fit KH frames better… Is this the black Cr-mo frame??? or is there a different one??

i’m going to guess that one is different purely because it costs 589 dollars, so it is around 400 more not 50 less than the aluminum blue kh

that one is handmade wich is why it’s so expensive. the old KH frames are good and solid, but are a bit heavy. the have a nice grip thing on the top and look prety good.

the blue ones are great htough. so light and nice looking.

you can’t have my frame spencer :slight_smile:

most nimbus unis have a hub set with 42mm bearings, it isn’t as snug as a fit, but if you want a cheap and good frame then go with the nimbus.

ok i am going to buy the Blue kh frame… but b4 i do is there a new frame coming out soon?? if so i would like to wait, but if itsgoing to be awhile i will get this one today or tommorow… thanks

I think they have the new frame already at Bedford, if you give Darren a call I’m sure he would let you know whether or not they have the new frame.

do you have any pic of this frame?? is it still blue??


ohh yeah, just got my new frame and i LOVE it… i got the blue KH one.

does it have knurling on the crown? or is it the same as the old one?


that’s a 24" though.