New Flat uni

I am quite curious as to which flat uni I should get. I want stay under 325 but I might stretch to 375 if that is the best option. I live quite near toronto o anything purchased in the states I will ship to buffalo and pick it up.

Oh yeah I forgot to say, I may consider a quax muni(the one with the yellow hub and reinforced post).

If you want a muni I would recommend taking a look at the Nimbus Muni with KH cranks. This is 313 before shipping. So it is cheaper than the Qu-ax and lighter. It also has a much larger variety of cranks available for it so changing them is cheaper and easier.

For flat I would recommend either one of the Koxx-one flat unicycles but for even a basic one with street cranks (for flatland you need good cranks) it will be over 400 bucks, or you could get a nimbus street uni with KH cranks (once again you will really want the KH cranks for flat riding)

That will come out to 318 before shipping.

UDC canada seems to be sold out of both the Nimbus street and Muni so you will have to buy from the US probably.

I think those are your best options at the moment, but I would recommend that you send an email to see when they will be getting more stock of either or those unicycles in, because it’s always a good idea to support local companies and they have the right prices and products for what you are looking into.

I was thinkin a nimbus x street, quax reinforced cranks

Getting a Nimbus x street with Quax CrMo cranks would be very good for flat, better then the nimbus x street with KH moment cranks.
It may be just over your budget though (im not sure, it would be in usd…)

I think he meant the Qu-ax Crmo cranks when he said Qu-ax reinforced…

that I did

I love the qu-ax CrMO cranks for flat. The nimbus x street is nice with the long neck and all.

so you have the same set up that I’m talkin bout I’m assuming?

I dont have the nimbus x wide frame made to fit a trials tire.

Did you shavee your tire? I might shave my tire so I would really like some tips on how to do that.

Get a few xacto blades, keep them wet and sharp and go nuts on it. Just take your time and be careful not to hit any of the threads.

Oh yeah, if any of you guys have these amazing setups that would be just perfect for flat go on and say so. If they are a tad cheap I may consider them.

i was talking to someone about this, hows this…

Ideally the tyre would be worn loads, but i couldnt bebothered to wait, lol. I cut the tread off with a stanley blade, then had a go at it with an orbital sander. The sander was a bit slow for my liking, so I used an angle grinder on any parts that stood out. That’s about it. It seems more grippy, and is quite nice to ride on.

Thanks for that fraggle!

why would you shave your tire?

I shaved my tyre completely with a belt sander. I started off just cutting off the nubs but my tyre was already quite worn and I just think he belt sander was way faster.