New Eminem Song "Medicine Ball" has unicycle in lyrics...

I just happened to go for a MUni ride today and listened to the new Eminem CD “Relapse” for the first time through. Half way thru the ride the song “Medicine Ball” came on and towards the end, I could have swore I heard unicycle and was blown away, so I listened to it again and one more time just to make sure and sure enough, he does say unicycle! How ironic as I was on a unicycle when I heard it.

As most of his songs are pretty vulgar and such, this song is no exception but here are some of the lyrics from it;
“Put Christopher Reeves on a unicycle with a kickstand/
kick it up and push him and lead him right into quicksand/
here you need a hand, big man?
Grab a hold of this branch/
with both hands man they don’t understand,
I’m just a sick man/
now everybody’s pissed at me/
like its my fault his name rhymes with so many different words, jeez…”

Has anyone else noticed this? I think unicycle might now be officially mainstream if Eminem is rapping about it!

Although cool, I don’t think eminem decides what is mainstream or not.

Ya, I forgot to put :roll_eyes: after it!

yeah i noticed this a while back and it made me laugh. the entire christopher reeves bit is hilarious. Eminem i’m going to kill you. I’ve always hated you and i still do.

Well what can I say. I like the new album.

That’s pretty cool, but he’s not the first to rap about unicycles.

The song doesn’t work. But I have heard it and will confirm that it is hilarious.


Blast! I thought it was just my workplace firewall. I’ll have to fix it when I get home. Thanks for the head-up.

I thought that was funny too because i was riding trials the very first time i heard that song. what are the odds. gotta love Eminem, always full of surprises,LOL.