New Danny Mac Commercial

Awsome commerial :slight_smile:

It makes me want to ride trials instead of buying a car. :roll_eyes:

Makes me want a car so i can drive to awesome spots and get better at trials lol

Wow! If I buy a VW, maybe I will be able to ride my bike like that some day. :sunglasses:
I think that’s really the message they’re trying to convey.

saw this commercial a few days ago, on our HD TV! Man, there’s nothing better!:smiley:

Haha same here but so I can ride more muni & trials

Just saw it on tv, cool :smiley:

Danny McGoodskills

Hey has anyone noticed that throughout the entire commercial Danny does his best not to use both wheels?

Maybe someone should get that boy a Unicycle, Duh!

I’m sure he’d have a bit of fun messing around on one. But its obvious which he’d prefer XD

He can ride, whenever I used to demo with him, he always loved having a go on mine. He attacked it with the same attitude he does on his Trials bike, insane.

How good was he? Did he have a naturally large side hop?

This is nice commercial I have seen it from TV also here in Finland :wink:

This is little bit offtopic, but I think that you might like this video

I get in enough trouble with security guards for riding my unicycle around in town. I wonder what they would have to say about that thing.

Haha… Where you are riding then? :'D

Well there are not very many good riding spots in town that I don’t get kicked off of. Usually where ever there are ledges or sets there are also security guards that don’t like people skateboarding/unicycling/biking on them. I’m just wondering how that guy manages to ride a motorcycle around in town like that.

that is the best ad i have EVER seen!.. and i watch aloota tv.