New Danny Mac Commercial

Heres a new commercial for Volkswagen

:astonished: That was the coolest comercial my eyes have ever seen! I want to start riding trials bikes now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, very nice.

Tells me f*ck all about the car though.

I frickin’ love Danny Macaskill!

Awesome commercial, I hope it comes out in England!

Nice! now I want to see it on TV:p

Cool hub caps!

(Amazing skills on that 2-wheeled thingy! :p)


What a pointless commercial ahah.

Cool tho.

I think theyre trying to say the car is super smooth,epic and it is legendary haha

MUST BUY VOLKSWAGEN. Damn you Danny Megaskills

And that it takes years of practice and determination to master? lululul

Hahaha, brilliant!
If only there were someway to package that and sell it at a profit. :roll_eyes:

pants! why cant unicycles do that?

in defense of unicycles, I was watching Medium on last night and 2 of the commercials were Dan Heaton/Columbia. I told my wife, I had nothing to do with that.

unicycles cant do that cause they dont have brakes and cant coast that good

2 points I would make:

  1. children and bicyclists can do backflips
  2. there is no car that a unicycle wont fit in

Here is a 4 yr old doing backflips

just lol

wrong! a coker in a mini wouldnt b possible (unless u either destroyed the coker or if it was a mini convertible)

They use Danny to catch the eyes of the people watching tv. If you want to know more about the car then just google it.


Wow, that is a great video. It would be so cool to be able to ride like that!

That was cool. and that 4 year old WTF