New Craze - finger unicycling


You have probably heard of finger skateboarding, and finger BMX, well there the new cool craze!


You can do trials, Freestyle, could try some Muni, and how about Hockey?

Start out with a unicycle KEYCHAIN, (available from Unicycle.Com)
Take off the chain and file the little hoop it ataches to off
Now paint it however you want! (NOTE: paint does not stick very well to the plastic, so u might have to repaint it every so often)

It is great fun if you cant get out on your uni for whatever reason!
I am going to build some trials course.

There are some pics of mine… here

You should try it!


i cant wait to see your trials course with, i assume, sandwich boards, ramps, rails, etc. i like your pics, they really bring out the fun of finger unicycling :smiley:

That’s really funny and awesome. I thought about doing this with my keychain uni a while ago, but the wheel didn’t turn very smoothly, and eventually one of the cranks snapped off in my pocket. It would so rock if someone came out with a high quality finger uni, complete with tiny allan wench and crankarm puller.

Re: New Craze - finger unicycling


To paraphrase a comment I heard this weekend at PIJF: “Unicycling…a sport? Or an obsessive/compulsive disorder?”

For me at least, the answer is now much clearer.

One thing I’ve found, is those plastic unis are a bit flimsy. I think if you plan on doing much trials work, you may want to upgrade to the more rugged metal frame, as seen here:


The Dan, of, built a finger uni out of a finger bike. There’s a few pictures on the unicycle page.

Joe, that is to funny. Thanks for my bedtime laugh.
I especially like the last pic, of the “Fingers, with uni and split window VW Van”, that was too cute. --chirokid–

PS: My “very faded” little uni hangs from the rear view mirror of my truck.

Videos coming soon! :smiley: :smiley: