New Bedford Factory Team rider


OMG! Congratulations! You really deserves it!

Good Luck with the new sponsor… and continue impressing us with your amazing style and skills!


Wow, congrats, that is so awesome. I will have to talk to Darren about this, that is really awesome, again good job!



Stoked. Congrats, man.


Holy Smokes!
Nice video. Every time I feel like my riding has made some sort of progression, I just have to watch a video like that to make me feel like the aging, clumsy fogey that I am. Congrats on the sponsor.

Well, congratulations, and, um, thanks for the wonderful post explaining how it happened, what you heard from the factory and when, what it means for you and/or what we could expect from you in the future. I’m sure Darren is brimming with joy over his newest rider’s ability to represent the factory. Or is he?

Really, we’d like to hear more. People are always asking how to get sponsored… why don’t you tell your story?


Well, there’s not really much to say. I made the video, which most of you have probably seen, and I sent an email to darren asking if I could join the team and represent Bedford Unicycles and included a link to my video. He said that he would be proud to have me on his team, and that I can announce my sponsorship as of now.

Cool! What do ya get? Free stuff?

the terms haven’t been set quite yet.

wow! nice job bro.
you wayy better than me. haha ive seen your videos. haha great job.!!!

Congrats :smiley:

Keep us informed :o:)

Ok. So what’s happening is that I get large discounts on basically everything, it varies from thing to thing. I also get some free shirts and some other free stuff.

awesome, you deserve it your last video was great.

I drool over free t-shirts.

wow! congratulations! :smiley:

First off congrats, your team is amazing. The riders are great guys. I would also like to see your ‘sponsorship’ video. I generally say you should never ask to be sponsored, but there are some exceptions.

Secondly, I hate this thread. Just posting ‘me.’ seemed to be the most inappropriate way of saying you sponsored, not to mention how arrogant you sound. How are you going to further Darren’s business? Where is this video you made? Why do you want to be sponsored?


If you cared to look in the unicycle videos forum you would have found his sponsership request video… larl.