New BC wheel Movie

Hi everyone, today I woke up and decided to make a bc wheel movie…so i did. Here is the link There is some giraffe stuff too at the end. It is 15.87 mb and only 2 minutes and 17 seconds or something like that…I ran out of stuff to do on my drive way.:smiley:

You still impress me with those bc wheels…very nice

Awesome BCing. I also loved the giraffe rolling mount!

That was freaking amazing. My only suggestion would be take out the giraffe, haha. Its good to see some publicly released BC video, so people know what is going on. Do you find it easier to jump onto stuff or over cause you should get your hop height down. You’re clearing the sandwitch board easily and that tiregrab hop was huge looking.

Are you liking the long plates?


Right now I think its easier for me to hop over something just because I only have 2 palates and you can see that I have to put bricks under them to get more hight so when it gets to 3 palates and above it falls over really easily. But if the pile didnt fall down I think it would be easier to hop on something because Its less of a drop (obviously)
Right now I really like the long plates but they took time to get used to. At the LA roundup unimeet, it was the day after I switched to long ones so I would try to hop and the bc would just stay there and I would go flying. The foot placement is a litte different and if its a little off the plates flip over. The only drawback is that they are alot heavier than the short plates. Now, I am used to the weight difference and the foot thing so I can hop just as high as before but the landing is alot easier. So if i had to choose again, I would definately switch to long plates. If I ever wanted to go back to short ones i bet i could hop alot higher:D

Oh ya, if you guys couldnt notice, in the part after the palate gap, I am riding with the plates flipped over so im above the axle, now i just have to flip them back over when im riding:D I can flip them back when i hold on to a trashcan.

awesome!! you’re pretty amazing. I wish I had a BC Wheel. those look like so freaking much fun…I liked the part where you were riding on the back of the plates, that must take a lot of practice!!

dude u are so good at that
awesome video and where did u get that bc wheel cuz i really want one

Darren Bedford he is awesome:D

spencer, u never cease to amaze me
good stuff man!
that’s pretty awesome!
yeah, i noticed the flipped plates, that’s pretty sick
what i liked most was, well, the whole thing, but the jump mount was cool

those short plates look super short!
i’d definitely go w/ long ones if i had a bc

nice vid though


nice vid but i cant see the bails after the cut…give us the raw feed please!

PS. your better than me.

Very impressive BC riding…thanks for posting this.

Suggestion: tuck those shoe laces in!

Suggestion…get a BC wheel.

:astonished: <— My mouth actually dropped watching that. I need to make myself one of those… what dimensions do you recommend for the plates?


i recommend the search function.

Owned :frowning:

Definitely cutting edge… who woulda thought?

Nice, nice, nice, Spencer!

Riding plates upside down is no harder than plates normal, Very nice riding pal!

Not really, its different. The front to back balance is a little harder and i am standing on powder coat so its really slippery and my feet slip alot.

its not harder, its diffrent

I discovered that! It got caught in the spokes or something like that and I went flying.

When I filmed it there werent actually any crashes There were alot of times I fell off but i just walked away. The only crash I thought was good enough was at the end when i just smack in to my palates and they all fall down